Threading the needle Forzathon challenge

How am I supposed to get the ‘threading the needle’ skill, when there are literally no other cars on the road? You can drive up and down the highway as many times as you like and never see one car passing another side by side. You might get 4, one after another if you’re lucky. I just drove half way across the map without seeing a single other car.

The sparseness of traffic in this game is making it feel empty and lacking a bit of challenge. Let us have a slider in the options menu to allow us to control the amount of traffic we see. Even if it only works in offline mode. Or matches us to other online players with a similar traffic setting. I want to crank it right up and dodge some tractors at 200mph, for fun.

I realise I can get the skill in races, but obviously I’m making a point about the lack of traffic!

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Go in to horizon solo, from the menu, you’ll have AI and drivatars just like in fh3


That and go to Edinburgh - there are some narrow straight roads where you can see the traffic ahead. Follow a car and when you see traffic ahead pass in the right moment. Stupid but it counts…
Dont take the main roads because the traffic there is to far apart from each other to count as a “Threading the needle” pass…

Yeah, I know all that, but traffic is still a bit sparse.

Havent you updated yet
People are saying there is too many cars now

I have updated. Traffic is still sparse imo.