This Week's Forza Leagues: R900 Can-Am | S800 Ghosts | C500 Vintage Touring

Multiplayer League Hoppers
January 17 through January 24
Use this thread to share tips, car suggestions, and experiences.

League leaderboards are ordered by points which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week.
Points per race = finish position inverted + bonus for finishing higher than players with a higher skill rating. See the League Info thread for explanation about skill rating and Division placement. Credit payouts for each division are awarded based on the leaderboard after the League has reached its end date.

See or or this thread for a list of cars by Division. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction.

Can-Am Connection

  • Dates: January 15 through January 22
  • Car Class: R (max PI 900)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Can-Am
  • Special: Players in the top 50% of each division in this league will be gifted a unicorn car, the 1971 Ferrari 312 P, on or after January 22. This offer repeats weekly through January. See Week in Review and discussion thread.
    Vintage Touring League
  • Dates: January 17 through January 24
  • Car Class: C (max PI 500) (no cars will show in the Buy Cars menu because they are all E and D stock)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Vintage Touring
    Ghost League
  • Dates: January 17 through January 24
  • Car Class: S (max PI 800)
  • Car Eligibility: Drive = FWD
  • Collisions: Off
    See the next post for lists of eligible cars.

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Car Eligibility

S-class Ghosts
Any stock or upgraded car in S class is eligible.

Can-Am Division

Vintage Touring Division
This League restriction is Class must be C. Cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction to appear as available options. Since all the Vintage Touring cars are E or D class, they won’t show up for an C class event unless you own the car and have upgraded it.

S class FWD? Ouch. That needs something this game doesn’t have. An E-diff. A plain mechanical diff would never be able to handle all that power. You need a diff that knows to run the outside tire faster than the inside.

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The BTCC and WTCC cars will be the likely candidates for that League, as they are FWD and start in the S-Class range to begin with.

I’ve got my Ferrari now and after driving it have determined that I probably don’t need a second. I’ll do the bare minimum in Can-Am to help bump everybody else closer to Top 50% though.

Ghost Leagues don’t interest me so I’ll be skipping that one.

I might give the Vintage Touring cars a go though, as I don’t have many C/500 cars and could do with 1 or 2 more for Hopper racing.

I’ve been working on tunes for some of the Vintage Touring cars and took my grip-tuned Ferrari 500 Mondial to a C-class hopper. Only got to race it on Brands Hatch (rain) and Catalunya, but it was a fun ride as that car seems to have a very nice balance between grip and power. Looking forward to pitching it against other cars in the league when I have more time for racing.

I only did a few races but am currently using the Ferrari Dino. I have seen a Fiat 8V take a Top 10 at Silverstone so that car clearly has potential as well.

The Vintage Hopper was dead when I was around though, no more than 6 people in a room. Hopefully it picks up during the week.

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Popular choice :
8v with 5.7 swap will be the power car.
ferrari cali looks like the “mid-all around” car.
'53 vette again is the grip car.

I like diffrent and been waiting to use the e-type, xk120, and 300sl.

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Same here.

I need to check online more. I had no idea something like this was going on! Trying a league race now. I want that Ferrari!

There are some great choices here, I’m most likely to be doing the Vintage Touring due to having the Ferrari from Can-Am and not really being interested in the Ghost League…

I’d love them to make that particular Ghost League not ghosted!! :smiley:

It’s a shame there aren’t more participants in the Vintage Touring league. These cars provide outstanding battles! Reminds me of my mini-max karting days where everyone would be nose to tail for an entire race.

Agreed I’m really enjoyed racing last night. Some very clean and good racing. The cars are pretty fast and it’s nice to get away from 1.6 or 5.7 engine.

So the S Class Ghost League is basically the Touring Car League as none of the other cars can be upgraded to S/800. And have way less grip than the touring cars.

Well all the touring cars are pretty competitive so that’s not a bad thing.

Built all of them last night. They are actually quite fun and fast when you get a good tune on them and get used to the FWD style

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I’m having fun with a league at the moment but I have noticed a few things that has my blood boiling, sounds extremes but one of the issues shouldn’t be an issue, firstly, well as usual, thankfully of the ghost being on as nobody can drive… but cutting corners has rather been exploited to high hell… and secondly, it is pretty much for souring cars which I am in love with racing but why on earth is the Mercedes stupidly quicker than all others? It’s not the most powerful, rather it rivals with the Audi at touring while the Honda is topping over 500 hp but with sub 400 torque just like the Mercedes while the Audi is a tiny better short on hp it Trumps on torque. And speaking of the Audi, race turbo takes away 94hp?

I know what I’ll be driving for Silverstone National Wet in the Can-Am league!

I don’t care if I have to nurse the launch to not stall :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to pick that car up :wink:

It’s a shame how impossible it is to have some nice smooth racing without being slammed into the parking lot going into turn one…HOWEVER! This S ghost league is pretty awesome!

ALSO THE TURBOS ON THE AUDI??? Bigger turbos lower power???.. I mean…it’s possible…but really?

The Elite division of the Vintage Touring league has turned out to be pretty awesome! Participation numbers are fairly low with most others hurtling around in the Can-Ams. The vintage cars are also good fun, with no particular car outperforming any others (instead it depends on how you tune them). Apart from the occasional clumsy move (some of them mine), it’s been clean, close racing, lots of fun!

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Having great fun in the ‘Vintage Tourers League’. This is my first league I’m racing. Good number of players every time I’m on. This league ends on Sunday 24th, but sure hope these Vintage Tourers will make their re-appearance from time to time. A suggestion on my part would be to start with a clean leaderboard every window, so that there will be separate 6 hour window mini-competitions throughout the week. Right now the leaderboard is cummulative. It’s about putting in hours, and not about racingskills.