This week's Forza Leagues: B-Class Ghosts & Sport GT

Here are this week’s League Hoppers. Feel free to share your best tips, car suggestions and experiences.

Ghost League

  • Class: B/600
  • Car Choice: Any
  • Tuning: Allowed
  • Collisions: Off

Sport GT League

  • Class: S/800
  • Car Choice: Sport GT (Eligible Cars)
  • Tuning: Allowed
  • Collisions: On

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Any ideas what’s coming next week so I can a jump on tuning for it

Thank you. The Sport GT league is going to be crazy, crazy fun I hope!

Thanks again for this heads up r.e league racing this week!!

Really looking forward to hitting the track in my C7 Z06 tonight!!
Modern GT should be a blast : )

Im sure leagues used to start on a monday but i could be wrong?

thanks for the sport GT list!!

There are going to be a lot of z06’s in that league.

I suspect the '08 and '13 Vipers will dominate, as they were the go-to cars for unrestricted S/800 racing last time.

Most likely, just like the bac mono and alfa 33. in the a class. But i`m trying out as much cars as possible.

Yup, the Sports GT league is a Dodge Viper lobby basically. I’m not complaining though, it makes for some very close racing.

Just had my first taste of the gt league for this week, I hope I was just in a bad lobby as it was a wreck fest. People diving into corners way too fast and corner cutting to the extreme.

Can we just have the rally league permanently, cars being slower seems to help the racing stay clean.


Yup,the faster the cars the worse the wrecking becomes in lobbies.

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I started in a good lobby with only a few corner cutters. Those guys don’t bother me. Second session was complete wreckers. A few intentionally as usual, but more than 1/2 the field without any racecraft. First corner heroes to full throttle through carnage like its “Days of Thunder”. That only works in the movies guys. Guess I’ll be in B league most of the week. If I try S again I will be in the Viper so as to have the best chance to avoid the guys who don’t know about the brake pedal. One last clue, if there is a car in front of you coming up to a corner, your brake point has just been changed if you know anything about racing. This ain’t ghost hot lapping.

Oh and this is the funniest thing I have ever heard on chat yesterday during league…“hey, go ahead and use my car to make the corner, why don’tcha…Sorry, I was losing control and would have gone off track if I didn’t hit you…but you didn’t spin so your all right”

Guys, I’ll hit the wall before using someone else’s car to make the corner. The fun for me is the close battles for position…not starting 20th and thinking I’m going to be in 1st after the first lap. Lol

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Not at all a fan of the Sport GT league, so far it’s just been absolutely dominated by '08 Vipers in Pinnacle which completely ruins it, I suspect it’ll be this way all week.

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Multiplayer was actually working for me today, so I got a chance to run the B ghost league. I’ve just got to say, though – when looking at places to put barriers/firewalls, nobody thought to put one at the last turn at Spa to keep people from skipping the turn and going straight? I went from 5th to 10th on one race simply because the other racers just skipped the final turn.


The Ghost League is pretty rapid this week; I’ve set a few Top 100 laptimes last night and was still finishing around 8th place.

I’ve put an S2000 tune up though as I’ve been developing it for quite a while; it’s my go-to lobby car but should do well on the tighter tracks.

Nice selection this week, like the Sport GT. Even if it is mostly Viper v.s. Z06 … But the week will show what cars are best choice for track. Looking forward. My 1st runs yesterday went well, had fun.
Just a bit disappointed the GT-R Black Edition is not performing this well … at all I like this car.

Sport GT sucks! I hate rally cars, but last week was awesome with some of the cleanest, competitive races ever. It seemed to bring out people with some class and real skill. I love the Sport GT cars, but it brings out nothing but total dbags it’s completely unplayable. So bummed, set my alarm extra early just to play this morning. I’m at the point where I’m just gonna hang up f6 for a few months and let the Jack Hoffs move on to another game to wreck. Would sell it and try project cars, but unfortunately bought the $100 digital. So, so bummed…

I was top of ghost league B was wandering if anyone could give me an update … Squeako16

I finally ventured into the league races yesterday for the first time since the start…Let me just say for the record (as with everyone else here, I suspect), I have my likes and dislikes. I’m sure this post will go making no impact to the set-up…but if I may throw my insight out there and see if anyone else shares my thoughts.

So, we all can agree that each class has it’s fair share of “dominant” cars. After pulling out what I thought would be a great car for a particular track that came up in the cycle, I quickly realized that the lobby was going to immediately turn into a leaderboard fest. My initial rage thought came out in the form of, “why have 100+ eligible A-class cars in the game if only 2 are competitive on 95% of the tracks?” I personally hate the idea of being forced to drive a “track toy”-leaderboard car when there are so many other options, but you have to if you want to be competitive. From there, I went from enraged to jumping on the forums and seeing this thread; and eureka!!! I had a solution! The leagues aren’t a bad idea, just fix the eligible cars. What if the leagues were restricted to “track toys”, A-class and another A-class league another week that wouldn’t allow those cars? Same with S-class. I know it sounds petty, but there are many fantastic cars in the game and they aren’t competitive with one another. A general S-class lobby is infested with F50/40, MC-12, SRT/08 Vipers, and so on. Not a lot of choices that will keep up with those cars, unless on specific play grounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for those cars and they certainly have a place. But can’t there be a league that will allow the lead-sleds to have their day? Touring coups and 4-door sedans that weigh in excess of 4000 lbs? It just puts a damper on the experience when purpose built race cars are among the available choices of “average” cars for a lobby. Sometimes, I’d like to race other cars, not just the select 4 cars that infest the leaderboard.

That all being said, I know that there are players out there that can win a league race in an underdog type car (A-class VW Bus for example), but many of us aren’t THAT good. It would just be nice if there were more great leagues out there that utilized all of the cars that Forza had to offer instead of leagues where only the top 4 cars in the game are worthy opponents.

Anyone else share my thoughts? End rant…


QBERT, If they were to block a few cars at the top, then everyone would use the next best ones and you would be complaining about those too. There will always be certain cars that are raced more than the others. Get used to it.

PJ, ya B Ghosts was stacked last night. You pretty much had to put in top 10 times to be able to win one. It was crazy.