This week’s championship already completed?

The Super Saloon Tour starting at Ambleside Village Circuit is showing as completed already.

Is this a recycled championship? Never seen this before.

Completed for me too but i’ll re-do it. Wanna try out a new car

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Can’t believe this garbage keeps happening. Last weeks Deadliest Hatch was recycled as well. If it shows as completed you will NOT receive the rewards if you try it again.

These have to be some of the laziest game devs I’ve ever seen. If you can’t be bothered to think of a new championship and have to reuse old ones, AT LEAST figure out a way to reset its progress so it doesn’t show as complete and we actually get rewards.

Seems that Playground has already begun to move on from this game.


Jeez, do you talk to your mama this way? I mean really, how hard is it to behave like a decent person? What’s up with this weird desire to not only be a douche, but also let everyone know about it?


I called devs that are being lazy, lazy. You called me a douche. Makes sense. Maybe look in the mirror friend.

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Actually you both should change the way you interact with each other. You know, make the world a friendlier place?

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I’ve seen some vitriol when it comes to criticism of the developers, but I’m with Solo on this. This is astonishingly poor design on PG’s part. This issue has rendered Fortune Island all but pointless for weeks without a word from PG–poor communication to match the design–and now is obviously seeping into the mainland as the developers have either begun to run out of original event ideas or simply don’t care to bother. And there is STILL no word on whether this is intended or a bug, whether they’re working on it if that’s the case, or even an acknowledgement of its existence. That is garbage no matter how you spin it, period.

No amount of new content is going to matter if the players don’t trust it will be more than a thin coat of paint on a rusty beater, and as that trust goes, the odds that PG will regain it start circling the drain.


Actually, they have it coming. This has been a problem on Fortune Island from the beginning, where the apparently only bothered to define a single set of seasonal events for each season. So on Fortune Island is a one-and-done deal, once you have completed all of the seasonal events for each season, they are forever marked as completed. Now, it turns out, the mainland events have the same problem, only on a longer cycle. That they haven’t solved this problem yet is inexcusable. People should get increasing “douchey” about it the longer it is not addressed.


Looks like you may be the one that doesn’t know how to behave with that pointless reply. It added nothing to the conversation.

The guy is being reasonably critical and you judge and insult him. Pffft

Appreciate the replies. Thanks


That was reasonably critical, like really?

I’m not talking here about the point of the post - I actually agree it’s frustrating to see things like that over and over.

What I am talking about is the form. Would you say same thing in this same way in the face of the person? Not from behind the internet wall, not from a hundred meters away, not as a part of a mob - personally, face to face?

“Some of the laziest devs I’ve ever seen”. Well, clearly OP didn’t see many, if any at all. Making accusations like that without knowing anything at all about circumstances and reasons.

I don’t know those reasons either. But I can imagine quite some. We’re a week away from Season 7. The issue in the OP affects multiple people, but we don’t know the stats - is it 1% of players population? 20%? 0.00001%?

Can it be so that whole of dev team is crunching like crazy to finish wall-riders fix for season 7 release and just has no capacity for something that affects 0.00001% of players?
Can it be so that people who were meant to fix stuff like that got reassigned to work on multiplayer fixes community has been crying for to make it for season 9 release?
Can it be so that late QA on Season 7 revealed game breaking bug so everyone is working day and night to resolve that?
Can it be so, that this bug is identified, measured and assigned its priority in the queue and is scheduled for release in, say, Season 10 (due to its low criticality)?

We just don’t know and actually not entitled to know. What a reasonable person who spent any time working in or around game dev or even simply researching the topic, knows is that AAA game dev is anything but lazy.

But meh, continue trash talk and insults - it’s a sure way to get heard and ashamed game devs will surely switch all of their resources to your problem because you called them lazy while knowing absolutely nothing. Way to go folks.


This issue is currently affecting everyone who has completed the seasonal events on Fortune Island, and has now begun affecting everyone who has been completing seasonal events on the mainland from the beginning, i.e. the players who have invested the most time in this game. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that’s a tiny percentage of the player base, and it’s only going to grow. If the game is so terribly broken that an issue which will eventually render all seasonal events obsolete is such a low priority that it doesn’t even deserve acknowledgement… Well, lazy probably isn’t the word for that, but I can certainly think of some others.


Maybe they don’t want long time players come back to FH4 every week for the championchips…