This Topic should blow up

Everyone go take a look at this video… and please try to tell me you wouldn’t give up a leg for this setup…

I’d like to hear what you would do for this setup… LOL virtual drifting on a whole different level

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DAMN SON! I need this setup…but instead of 3 computer screens i’d get that curved LED!

If you ever get the chance to drive with trips… DO!!! It is amazing, and hope T10 bring back that capability in the future.

Could you elaborate and tell me what this is?

and also about how much do you have in your Forza cockpit set-up LOVE IT

You mean what is trips? Trips means triple screen.

While I was playing forza, you need three xbox 360, three copies of the game, and three monitors. If you want from there all you need is wheel and a desk. It can be relatively cheap if you have the room.

My setup as it was before I left Forza, was between $3-4k. Since I left forza… much, much more. But still cheaper than a season at the track (by a lot).

Awesome setup

Should have known the trips thing… hahaha! Yeah I figured it could get crazy expensive!

LOL check out this guys setup. Who else is seriously thinking about making this?!!

TALK ABOUT COST EFFECTIVE hahahaha thats great Slum!