This is where they've hidden Torque figures

I may be teaching a lot of you to suck eggs but I’ve seen a lot of mention on this forum from players bemoaning the lack of Torque figures. Well it’s good news and bad news. Good news - the Torque figures for each of your cars is still in the game. The bad news - how you access this information is not interactive with when you are upgrading your car, making life very difficult (are we shocked?). Anyway, to access the torque figures for your car, do the following:

Go to “My Garage” and “Select Car” interfaces. When you have highlighted the car of your choice, just change (toggle) the view (Y on the xb1 controller) to find it. It will now be listed along with BHP, weight etc.

If you are upgrading your car therefore, you need to save the upgrade to that point, exit back to the menu and then head to ‘My Garage’ - genius.


I have no idea why they decided to make that and test driving way less intuitive/easy to reach


Good to know. Beats trying to eyeball it on the graph.


When the most basic things in a driving game with upgrades – like, you know, how much power and torque you have while upgrading – aren’t easily accessible, something is wrong.

Just when you think you’ve scraped the bottom of the ineptitude barrel, yet another layer is exposed.


Something must be wrong at turn 10 studios


For sure, must have outsourced the entire game to Chinese factory workers🤦‍♂️


Nah, it’s actually to the same place McLaren Honda gets their engines.

^^^^that’s interesting. Wonder if there’s more of that going on in the industry than we realize. Maybe not factory workers, but Chinese (or Indian, for that matter) IT workers could very well have been employed.

There will probably be a loot box that would show you torque numbers on the next 5 upgrades you do, lol.


HAHAHAHAHA! OMG you just made my day. Food spit out and all.

Test drives are cumbersome, no torque figures during upgrades, pretty sure displacement of the engine is also missing… Annoying to say the least


In fact you can even find out which cars have V or inline engines, which ones are rotary, naturally aspirated, how many cylinders and quite a bit more.

But it is downright clunky and roundabout.

You can restrict races in Freeplay on parameters like I have specified above.

If you also set a restriction so that upgrades are not allowed, then go to Select Car > Rent Car, you will have filtered to only show the cars that are 5 cylinder for example, or V12 or inline 8, or 4 cylinder turbo, or rear engined 6 cylinder etc etc.

Using these filters I think you can show all cars with minimum 500Nm torque.

The data is there underneath it all, we just have trouble getting to it.

Engine displacement numbers are still nowhere to be found.

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i’d also like to see higher rating on acceleration than 0-161km/h if i remember correctly forza 4 had 0-300km/h or 0-400km/h (i remember the veyron could “break” the 0-400 metric of high end acceleration; wouldn’t give you a number)… zero to 400 might be overkill but 0-300 would be a VERY useful metric… this is kind of related to torque missing from the games tuning section, as torque (in addition to weight) is the most direct indicator of acceleration… esspecially in light of the fact that both torque is missing from the tuning section (its still listed in the buying section) and the higher-end metric of acceleration has been missing for the last 3 forza games

Either Forza 4 or 5 was the last time we got to see the displacement

In Motorsport, 4.

In Horizon, 3 …

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With the auto homologation system and the constant dropping of statistics, it seems like they really just don’t want anyone to tune. They just want you to pick a car and go. I’ve always found tuning to be one of the top reasons I enjoy the forza series and upgrading cars as well. Otherwise I could just go drive a bunch of race cars in project cars.

I think someone replaced the salt and pepper shakers in the turn 10 break room with moron sprinkles.


It does seem that way as with every new Forza Iteration, they keep taking information for tuners out of the Tune Settings. *Its like the are wanting to curve the LB’s from tuners to the everyday pick-up-and-go arcader.

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I’m still salty that displacement figures aren’t in the game anymore. I know it really doesn’t matter but I still liked knowing

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I know I’m posting this information a little late, but if you go into forza vista and view the engine information they will list HP, Tq, as well as displacement on there. For anyone wondering if they will show you the bored out version of the motor, I can confirm this as it showed me boring out a 7.0 L to an 8.0…