This is ridiculous....

Wow, fair play PG, (and T10), this game is a work of art. Driving around the coastal road on the bonet cam, in the rain, early evening with all the hud turned off and listening to some next level trancey synth pop from my grove list and absolutely speechless, the visuals are simply breathtaking.

Just thought id pop in and show my appreciation of what has no doubt been a labour of love for the devs, never thought you would top fh2 but this is seriously looking like it’s better in almost all areas.

And the blueprints are the best idea since sliced bread, now I can pretty much do the whole career in my favourite cars without being forced to drive utter rubbish like that fat, dude bro jeep thingy. Lol ;).

Anyways I’m gushing here, but it’s fully deserved, and once again, thanks for providing me with a title that will keep me busy for the next few years, just like fh2 did, what a game so far.

(If only that E3 cam was in the game, small gripe)


hmmm. OK thats it. I’m picking this up Friday.

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I was disappointed in the Blueprint Set up, that I could not create a kangaroo and dingo race :slight_smile:
Seriously though, the game is pretty amazing, you can just park and watch the stars at night and its pretty impressive.


I have just sat in drone mode behind my focus RS in the night overlooking the firework display over the outback festival whilst playing koda the last stand and I didn’t move untill daylight. Lol.

Seriously, the visuals are just unreal. Totally blown away

Game is def a good bit of fun.

I didn’t play the demo or read about the new features beforehand. I was definitely going to buy the game and wanted to be surprised if anything was new or different.

Blown away.

I can’t remember the last time a Forza game came out with more issues addressed and improvements made. I love the blueprints, I love the flagging of dirty laps, I love that curbs, dirt and grass are less forgiving than in FH2 when you get into 'em. Very impressed, expectations exceeded.

LOL, not what I expected from the thread title.

Aye, good game, this. Everything I loved about FH2, with a bigger map & some new features. Why fix what ain’t broke?

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lol, they were the words that came out of my mouth when i turned the hud off and went bonnet cam :slight_smile:

I was going to start a title like, “I hate the game” because its too addictive, I don’t even want to stop ro eat.

Superb game.

Lots to say, but I want to call out how brilliantly PG have captured the feel of Australian roads.

I’ve explored my share of rural NSW, Vic and QLD and I swear FH3 feels just right. These could be roads plucked from anywhere on the East Coast of Australia and dropped straight into the game.

The colours are right, the look of the roads is right, the density and placement of the flora is right.

Well done.

Unless your on PC.
Not optimized at all

There are many complaint threads you can go to to post, no need to sour the mood here.

And I’m on PC & XB1 as well and loving it.

Core i5 2500
16GB Ram
GTX 1070
1200p and 30fps
Dynamic Ultra

Slows down a bit in Surfers at some places. Tuning menu slows as well, otherwise great.

Yes, some of the time effects like early morning (especially) or dusk is absolutely breath taking. Best looking game I’ve ever seen in 30 years.

its certainly one of, if not the best looking racers ive ever played. i was cruising around just outside the rainforest area last night, in the evening and rain, and the sky started to break over the north of the maps, just outside this clear patch was a complete rainbow, i could see it all from start to finish. blown away, amazing job

FH2 was the best exclusive any either console for me and this tops it