This is how you end up with a game full of idiot drivatars...

Just go read the VERY FIRST THING they tell you to do in game.

That’s right, deliberately create an awful Drivatar to ruin your friends games. Brilliant, like we need more of that.

EDIT: The link to the full story takes you to Prima games, you know the official guide people. Are you kidding me?


wow is all i can say. all the crappy drivers need to paired with other crappy drivers

Yeah, the drivatards are truly awful in this game. Lost count of how many times they have ran me off the road, brake checked me, and rear ended me. They’re my only real complaint with the game.


My pet hate with them, is when they act like they’re on rails. You’re trying to turn left, and they keep you going straight on to miss your turn. It’s really annoying.

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Strange, I find the drivatars to be much better behaved in Horizon 2 than in FM5. In fact, they’re often better than actual people in the few multiplayer races I’ve tried. That’s a first.


It’s definitely nice that the racing in Horizon 2 is inherently aggressive so you can just drive how you like and not worry too much about how your drivatar reflects it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to make my drivatar a nuisance though.

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I’m on 360 and this is a feature I’m actually glad “couldn’t” make it into the game. The whole ‘drivatar’ is pretty silly and gimmick-y to me. Just develop a good A.I. system that drive like they’re actually racing and I’m happy.

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It would be good if the 360 ones didn’t follow the line like robots though. Same with FH1, and if say on a straight you find a slight wiggly bit for whatever reason then they’ll follow that exactly, seems unnecessary since its a straight road. They also never/rarely take shortcuts, which makes winning easy even on insane. The drivatars would be a good idea if they werent flawed as much


Still better than they are in FM5.

Unfortunately horrible drivatars are inevitable and unavoidable. Say you race clean. No problems. Good for you. All it takes is for you or one drivatar that is loaded to have one collision and a never ending spiral is created. If they have one collision it’s recorded that their drivatar has a low chance of colliding with other vehicles. Then every other player that has that drivatar loaded into their game has a low level chance of colliding with them. Say that drivatar is loaded into 20 other games. Each of those games has a low level chance of a collision. Now say that only 4 of the games that the drivatar have been loaded into have a collision. There are now 4 drivatars new drivatars that have a low level chance of a collision. Now those 4 + the original 1 are floating around getting loaded into other people’s games. That’s just the beginning. Now if any of those 4 is loaded into the original players game and has a collision that drivatar now has an elevated chance of collision. So there’s even a higher chance that when that drivatar is loaded into another players game it escalates.

Now imagine this taking place over 1 or 2 million players. Your odds do not look good for staying unblemished.

I think you’re oversimplifying. You don’t know how the AI behind drivatars works. None of us who haven’t worked behind the scenes on the game do. I don’t suspect the behavior for collisions is based on the number of collisions a driver has had. Considering all the variables they upload into a drivatar, one of the few things they have shown us in FM5, I think wreckless driving is more organic.

That really is idiotic.

Fortunately, I like the Drivatars in FH2 quite a bit. They surprise me.

Hopefully the surprises will remain pleasant/impressive and not become annoying.

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I haven’t had to many issues with the drivatars, but wow. Hope they didn’t include that in the FM5 must do list. That is the mentality and mindset of average non-forum players though.

I applaud the challenge of the Drivatars. Coming from Grand Turismo 6 to this is a truly joyous thing. However I’m racing a lot of modern super cars now and dear god they are aggressive. EVERY SINGLE ONE WILL PASS ME, PULL IN FRONT, AND SLAM ON THE BRAKES. Every damn time, it’s unbelievable. Cars in front will brake check while cars behind simultaneously ram me. Impossible sandwich of spin out doom. How am I supposed to race clean to get clean.

I don’t understand why the Drivatars can drive miles by the checkpoints and be okay but if I drive so much as an inch outside the check points Ben is screaming at me telling me to turn around, lol.


This. I just noticed the drivatars doing that last night. lol

I think free roam drivatars was a bad idea leave that on the track and for races free roam causes a lot of problems

I have the biggest problem on the road trips between hubs. They often seem to race along side of me, jam on brakes, then side swipe into me. I don’t race aggressive, but being new to the game I have had a few collisions, etc… but this is just crazy when 3, 4 or even 5 drivatar surround me and keep smashing into me. Often the only escape is to stop, turn off the main route and make my own path to the next hub. Very annoying!

This, this, this, a thousand times THIS!!! The road trips are supposed to be laid back and fun, but the drivatars ruin it EVERY time.

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I prefer the drivatars instead of some of the actual real morons who play the game. Seriously, fish tailing people because their 1960s lancia overtook your overpowered brand new corvette is nothing more than childish!

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