This is a fake support? Nothing is fixed! Talk about your ignored issues here


Before start to talk, here a list of know issues

Every ticket i made as ignored(except for when i show a player with modded account) its ever the same think “thanks for the feedback” im not sending a feedback im showing somenthing broken that need to be fixed, lets start with Veloster N is missing the race suspencion they answered “thanks for feedback” and give me 1 million credits and close the ticket(SOLVED), im on support site wanting the problems be fixed not to get credits, now still missing the racing suspension and its not even on know issues list.

We have Peformance index to make all cars competitive right? (ignore all off road rally and winter race and ignore X class because this situations obviously AWD will be overpowered) AWD its overpowered I made 3 tickets to fix the AWD overpowered and 3 times “thanks for feedback” and closed the ticket without make anything, since FH3 i am waiting the AWD overpowered be fixed and still broken, lets compare FM7 and FH4, FM7- AWD as less max speed but need less handling and everyone is competitive RWD advantage on high speed circuit and AWD as advantage on small circuits, now lets look on FH4 AWD as more acceleration and same speed and still need less handling than RWD dont have any single advantage on RWDs on this game the races are all on high speed its supposed to RWD be overpowered on 90% of road/street races, but now its literaly the opposite AWD as advantage on all single race including goliath because now all drivetrain have the same understeer and before someone talk about ultima 1020 that car is 998 without race brakes, race transmission, front race bumper its not very driveable on another races and even if its has good its 1 single car against over 500 even the Regera as “Killed” this game hates RWDs (Regera on FH3 its fast but have only 1 gear what make it useless if you need to make corners under 100 mph).
*My veredict about the AWD Overpowered is how i said RWDs are supposed be overpowered most of the time low chances for AWDs and nearly 0 to FWDs, because this they changed PI calculator to make all competitive but instead of make all competitive accindently they made AWD overpowered on FH4 trying fix this they decided to use a “limitator” to dont allow AWD use a lot of HP without grip and dont allow RWD have advantage on high speed theres a time i noticed this “limitator” on FH4 i know when im taking my car to limits and on FH4 i definitively not using their limit i dont know how to explain, this “limitator” lowered the problem of AWD need extreme low handling but destroyed the advantage of RWDs, now that we have Rally, Cross Country and Winter why they dont use the normal calculator? RWD and FWD will be overpowered on Road/Street races but on Road/Street races during Winter and Rally, Cross Country AWD will be overpowered aniway everyone having his own job

The sync problem still happening but now its less commom.

Half of cars with updated sound are cars no one asked for a fix, VTEC still terrible and all have the same sound Skyline R34 still bad, 6.2 V8 swap(camaro engine) still sounding bad Mitsubishi all have the same sound.

Chevrolet missing SS logo.

Lola #6 1969 is missing race gearbox.

Theres small jumps on a lot of places around the map on the clean ground like on goliath after the bridge.

Gear ratio dont work properly, not increasing acceleration after lower max speed but need more tests to know the reason.

***** This on know issues list of FH4 → "* Treasure Hunt location will not spawn if you have notifications turned off. Please turn on notifications to ensure the Treasure Hunt locations will spawn" instead of fix the problem you say to turn on the notifications really?****



WOW, I am not even going to attempt to read that. What are they teaching in schools, now days?


Please fix your written grammar. Let’s see how fast you respond to that.

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I dont speak english my language is portuguese but one the rules of forum is english and if i use google translator will take like a full day because half things on translator dont make sense all the english i know is from playing games but if you want to help fix the text i accept

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Im not gonna even try to read that because i know it’s just you complaing AWD being OP. How abaout you going to play FM7 where AWD is not overpowered instead crying all the time how broken AWD is in horizon.

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Theres a lot of problems and the only you decided to read its the AWD overpowered yeah AWD noobs are triggered

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I didint even read your comment when saw lots of RWD and AWD words it’s not hard to figure out what you are ranting (and i think i have never see you commenting anything else than complaing how broken AWD is). There is lots of problems and bugs in game yet your biggest complaing is allways AWD so why not play the game where dont need to complain all the time AWD. Do you think you are some kinda elitist group because you like driving RWD? Lol im not triggered because i know your ranting is not gonna change anything.

And it’s funny how you say that PI works better in FH3 where PI was actually super broken.


Possible BECAUSE ITS A RACING GAME? The racing game that racing dont work if you dont make AWD swap, the AWD swap itself dont make sense but its not a problem(its good if you want a rally mustang or whatever) 90% of overpowered cars are AWD swaps if you make RWD swap its completely underpowered(what makes sense drivetrain swaps be just for fun) about FH3 sorry i exagerated lol but on FH3 is too broken that even RWDxRWD theres overpowered cars like F1 its the massive overpowered on RWD world capable of beat some AWDs on speed races because his acceleration and speed(420 kmh) and capability of make corners on very high speeds on FH4 all RWD FWD have similar performance theres no OP RWD or FWD now all cars have same understeer on high speed

Just like in real life, AWD will occasionally be more powerful than RWD. This is because 4 wheels spinning at the same time, but at different speeds has a better advantage than just two wheels spinning at the same time. This is why you won’t see that many RWD cars trying to go offroading in a mountain somewhere. There’s just not enough power to keep the car going. But I do see why most people think that AWD shouldn’t be dominate, as most of these cars in this game don’t have the ability in real like to handle AWD due to there’s too much power to control with 4 wheels vs just two. RWD cars are better when it comes to just racing as well as drifting, but AWF is needed to do the same thing when going offroad. I hope that I was a little helpful, and also one other thing about AWD… just like how they produce understeer in the game, they do the same thing in real life too. A semi truck is basically AWD and they have the same issue. But I guess the devs want all cars in the game to have AWD to make sure that most cars can be still competitive when it comes to racing offroad, or on dirt. I don’t really know honestly. :frowning:

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nullRWD Trophy Truck Suspensionnull

Okay First most cars made only for off road are RWD Trophy Trucks Buggys Bajas Local Motors, awd is better but off road need high suspension travel on AWD is harder get high suspension travel because the axle AWD is not reliable but yes AWD is better offroad. look a example of how far a suspencion of a RWD Trophy Truck go Monster Energy: Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2 - Unleashed in Ensenada, Mexico - YouTube if you use a Trophy Truck on FH4 just know you re driving a 1 MILLION TRUCK made to be the most extreme vehicle and its made to be RWD for you dont say im lying here another link:

But im talking about road and street races i dont care about off road, and about understeer do you tuned drived any RWD or FWD on FH4? Theres a fake understeer that make all drivetrain have the same understeer even the front % is not effectively like on FH3, be abble to AWD swap is unrealistic you can make on some cars like all FWDs but all including “Race cars”? You need to destroy the chassis to install that giant AWD drivetrain, FH4 AWD swap dont lower speed and sometimes even lower Performance Index i need to explain AWD need less handling? AWD have a very big advantage on start of race most times a unrealistic advantage be AWD dont make you fast like a dragster, look im not saying RWD and AWD have same launch AWD have a better launch but not crazy like this, on launch the weight of the car go to the rear wheels because this AWD is not to helpful, RWD on S2 have launch slow or even slower than AWD on A class, Mclaren 720s for example 0 to 60 is 2.5 seconds on real life, its one of fastest 0 to 60 and its RWD the reason why i am triggered is simple PERFORMANCE INDEX this is for make all competitive but dont work and its worst than FH3 people thing on FH4 RWD is good but its not on FH4 the stock tune is better but talking about a tuned car FH3 RWD is better (not really but at least dont have this understeer)

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You’re most definitely right, AWD does seem to be overpowered a lot in the Forza Horizon franchise, and honestly nobody can really do anything about it unless the devs restrict certain cars from using it. They could possibly add a way to customize a normal online race that let’s you limit not only the PI, but also the Drivetrain too. That way AWD people drive with AWD people, and the same for RWD people. I personally love both drivetrains, I love RWD for drifting and fast cornering, and I like AWD for power and traction. But I can guarantee that things won’t change until FH5 comes out due to how late it is into the current Horizon game’s timeline. :slight_smile:

The same happened on FH3 and they dont fixed on FH4 and theres how to fix readjust Perfomance index calculator and about drivetrain limits on FH4 theres a “limit” to dont allow be very faster than others like FH3 if AWDs dont be overpowered F1 GT will be extreme overpowered on S1 that car dont know what is understeer

When you submit a ticket, the community team checks the bug report against the internal bug tracking system and makes a new entry in it if the bug isn’t already known. That’s probably where the interaction ends.

From there the bug report is handed over to the QA team for vetting (verifying the bug, giving it a priority level based on severity, assigning it to the right team lead, etc), and then the issue ends up in the hands of the corresponding team.

I’m unsure if the community team gets feedback from the QA and dev teams when individual bugs and issues reported by the community are fixed, unless they’re major ones.


I won’t lie I couldn’t read the OP’s full grief because of the wording and whatnot, but I couldn’t agree more about how the tickets are handled.

I know for a fact almost all posts marked answered have the OP scratching their heads wondering how there question was answered, because they close the post you cant even post to your own topic.

So basically making a ticket is a wast of time.


Definitively theres a feedback problem lol i send the AWD overpowered 3 times and they dont said anything like “you already send this ticket before” or “we already have been notified about this”

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The colours in the auction are a major bug, that you can see in a few minutes… never been fixed. It’s a major bug because the game has been designed to use an auction where players are rewarded for creating vinyls in their HUB. They get the reward of being able to put cars in auction for 20 million Credits. It seems that the idea is that their designs will then be seen in the auction, and bought for extra cash just to get those designs. So to have a bug where those designs are then ruined by the design defaulting to stock is an actual bug that effects that gameplay.

The bug is not happening to all of the screen captures, so the fix is to copy/paste the screen captures from somewhere else.

This is a 5 minute fix, with a 2 minute check in the auction to see the bug. 7 minutes to find, and fix the bug.

To ignore it is ridiculous.

I sent the ticket months ago.

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I’ve submitted bug report tickets for rewind glitches around ghosted traffic in speed zones becoming unghosted and physics glitches with breakable objects breaking skill chains sometimes, but I was told it was “intended behavior”. Yeah, right. More like “too much work to fix for the size of the issue so we’ll pretend this bug is a feature”.

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While your first complain is valid, but I’ve never experienced it, your second one is intended. I can break through a single cobblestone wall no problem. But if I hit a line of then straight on to where it unsettles the car and drops my speed dramatically obviously it would break the skill chain. Same with trees and other breakable objects.


I found this on a website: Bang Shift obtained a comment from Forza’s Community manager: “Changes to the Super Sport models In Forza 6 were made in association with Chevrolet in order to align with the brand’s global naming strategies.”

They probably really dropped the SS badge so SJWs don’t cry that its a German WWII war machine.


They removed the iconic SS because SJWs? I cant even offend then because will be censored AMAZING