This game looks last-gen on my PC

Am I the only person on PC who notices this? Horizon 4 is a WAY better looking game. Specifically because in Horizon 5, there’s nothing I can do to get objects to stop popping in 10 meters away from my vehicle. It’s not just trees either, it’s shadows and bushes and all sorts of stuff. When I approach city areas, I also get to watch them pop in. I have this game on a Samsung m.2. I assure everyone, this isn’t a texture streaming issue or something. It just looks awful. I’ve had this game for months now, and I’ve played it for maybe 2 hours. Every time I return , I want to throw my PC out of a window.

didn’t even read what you wrote, don’t need to, the answer to this is upgrade your PC and/or figure out how to adjust the settings on the PC, this isn’t a Forza issue, solved!!

I play on PC and FH5 is remarkably better looking than FH4. There’s a handful of graphic issues, but it isn’t even a question of which is superior.

Buy a batter PC. lol

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If you use the recommended settings, the settings available within your PC’s specifications will be applied.
And since these settings prioritize fps over graphics quality, it is not uncommon to get worse graphics quality than FH4.
You may have already tried it, but try changing the graphics settings manually.
It may not always work, but in some cases you may get better graphics than the recommended settings.

I use to play on an Alienware laptop which as everyone knows is the most powerful PC money can buy. However I wasn’t impressed with the graphics either so I upgraded to an Xbox Series X. Best decision ever. I might swap back to PC but I’ll wait until they announce PC2.

Most powerful laptop? Nope. Most over-priced laptop? Definitely. As I have mentioned in another post elsewhere, I can buy a custom laptop that matches an Alienware one for getting on for half the price…you pay a massive premium for the name and the design of it…the internals aren’t anything special so no surprise the game didn’t look overly special on it. If I’d had the money to spend to get my PC at a level able to play 4k on it (£1000+), then I would have done that rather than spend the £500 on a Series X…PC’s are so more versatile.

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A laptop usually has half or worse performance of an equivalent well ventilated or cooled PC.

I play on a 5800X and that blows most laptops out of the water.

If you’re at that level of casual, you made the right choice by going to consoles. PC isn’t something to mess with if you don’t even understand the basics and choose it because of brand names. Not different than choosing a car because it’s red and nothing else.

Your jaw would drop if you knew how Forza Horizon 4 and 5 looked and felt like on a 144hz monitor unless of course it’s already too late and you joined the console player mentality of “humans can’t see above 30 fps” crowd

My PC has everything maxed out, and looks quite nice apart from…

1/ Night
2/ Tunnels
3/ Dusk

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On Series X too, game looks worse than 4

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Well that thread became acid fast. Can’t ya’all see the irony ?
OP’s right, for a given system, FH5 will look worse than FH4 on PC, unless you have a rocket ship. Buy a better PC, lol, with what GPU in these crypto-covid times ?
Anyway, my PC from 2017 can run FH4 at 4k high/ultra and 60 fps no pb. Come fh5- its medium high or 60 fps go bye-bye. OK they did a bunch of resource-guzzling graphical updates to make the game look better. However: the textures eat up memory like there no tomorrow, LOD is popping in yer face and the bloom is turned up to 11. Volumetric fog in humid areas is genuinly eating up 10% of computing power. I got a bug out coming out of a festival site where environmental haze didn’t come up. Hills in the distance were as clear as the ground in front of me. Well, GPU was sitting at 60 % power and a steady 60 fps. That’s between 30% or 40 % less than normal GPU power in fh5 on my rig. So here goes your computing power. Into environmental haze. It doesn’t make FH5 look this much better than before, while forcing you to compromise on other settings. FH5 does not look better than FH4. It’s a thing. Then what.

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