This game killed my vga

So I have/had a 2080 ti and was running fine in games before Forza as soon I started to play Forza for while my fans turned louder. Eventually it died yesterday and I all I been playing was Forza.

What kinda crap is this.

Now I have to send my vga for the second time to Msi for rma.

It’s not my Specs 2080ti and 11th i9 windows 11

The game did not kill your graphics card. If it were capable of that (It isn’t) there would have been dozens, or hundreds of reports by now, as there were when a similar power issue cropped up with that Amazon MMO. It didn’t do that though, because there’s nothing wrong with the game that could cause that.

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Well before Forza came out everything was fine after just playing Forza everyday since launch my gpu just quit on me.

I agree with the second post. Horizon 5 isn’t to blame. Very likely had you been playing another graphically intensive game that your card would have died. I’ve played the game a lot on my RTX 2070 and it’s still going strong.