This game is epic!!!!!!!!

Finding a way to start is tricky considering i just got off my xbox one and cannot stop smiling. I downloaded the demo today on my xbox and i have never had a feeling like that come over me whilst playing a game before. i have been playing games since i was probably 3 starting with old games like 7 kingdoms and packman. Preferring the typical disk as opposed to digital download i have waited for an opportunity to go to the store and buy Forza Motorsport 5. However after playing horizon 2 i now struggle to decide on the choice between the two. I guess i will go for Forza 5 as it is all i can afford now but in the future i diffidently want to see myself owning a copy of Horizon 2. The second i played the game a feeling of joy came over me. It honestly has never been experienced by me while playing a game before. I am amazed at the beauty of the game and the effort that you all have put into it. I wish i could meet you all to see the people who have created no less than a stunning work of art. I thank you all for the games you bring and i will continue to support the franchise as long as i can afford to. Best wishes to the Forza team and community and thank you for the great games.

Welcome aboard

Welcome. I hope you continue to enjoy the game and the community.