this game is broken and i want my money back

Ever since late November my game has been stuck on the syncing menu and I left it for a whole day once and nothing happened, I have to cancel it and by doing so I can’t see any of my cars in the garage. This has become worse as now I can barely see any of them, and just today I have to buy the dlc cars with tokens or credits even though I have the car pass and VIP pass. This has made me stop playing the game even though I love this series so much, so please can you refund me or fix it.

Good Luck with that!

  1. Never cancel a sync.
  2. You don’t have to buy cars with tokens.
  3. If you came to the forum and posted in the existing thread about not getting the first car from the car packs for free then you could have had it sorted for you.
    4.If you want a refund, then you need to contact where you bought the game from. Nobody here can help you with that.

You must leave the sync and let it finish. If you cancel the sync you risk corrupting the data.

A full sync can take a long time in Forza games. Leave it to finish. It will look frozen but it is not, let it finish.

I have never heard it take a whole day and I wonder if you are exaggerating a little. If not I would guess you might not have fast internet.

Either way or even if I am wrong my advice is the same - let it finish. It just needs to finish once and then let the loading screen finish. After that the sync should happen quickly again each time you start the game.

I was a little impatient with my Forza 5 sync and I canceled it. Afterwards, it gave me the opening screen and everything had reset. Thankfully, the cloud saved me. So; hard reboot your Xbox, if that doesn’t bring up the “the data here is different from the cloud,” you are screwed… That’s why you don’t cancel a sync and that’s why you just need to be patient with things, not even in 2015 do we have instant tech.