This forum is lagging

this forum intertt speed is how the internett used to be in back in 1997
Fix the forum servers
its lagging like crazy 24.7 1min loading times

is it a ddos? or is the servers just trash?

also make more responses to posts you dont talk about anything with the community at all there is 0 communication
hire a community manager

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The forums have had shoddy performance for as long as I can remember. Not just lagging, but crashing or being unable to search or the whole inability to properly display user info like Tiers.

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Why would they do it?

Mods, please delete

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I’ll pass the feedback onto the team regarding to the loading speed here on the forum if this is becoming a problem for a lot of users.
However, if you have any further issues or bugs you can submit a ticket here.
Or check out our new troubleshooting articles here.

Hi, I’m RetroKrystal the new Community Liaison for Playground Games!
I’ve only just started last month so bare with me whilst I try to answer and listen to all your requests and feedback.

For the best responses, please see the support page mentioned above.

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This site is vvvery slow for a long time. I’m certain a poll would show most agree… I find it hard to believe it’s just me when I have no problem with other sites.

give us an update??? if its gonna be fixed or not its still slow