"This feature has been temporally disabled"????

Recently, I tried to play on Forza 7 multiplayer and it says “This feature has been temporally disabled” . anyone knows how to fix this?

Look through your in-game messages for anything related, and submit a ticket at Forza Support for more information:

Hello Manteo. Thank you for getting interested in my problem. Its been more than a month trying to fix this problem with W0LFayama (Forza 7 Support) and honestly I don’t see his interest to fix my problem. It took him a month to answer me for the first time, and now, every time I text him, he take about 5 to 10 days to answer me. If you can help me directly, I would appreciate it. This is what I texted him first"
" I can’t access multiplayer and rivals in this account. I have no message of being banned or something else. I want to know what’s going on with my account. I’m a a fanatic player of Forza for over 10 years and i need to fix this problem. Thanks for your help."

W0lfayane sent me to talk with xbox support and they told me that i dont have problems with xbox or my account. I told Wolfayane that i can play multiplayer in any other game, Call of Duty, inclusive Forza Horizon, my problem is only with Forza 7, but, im waiting right now 6 days since I texted him that.

Manteo, if you attended my problem i will apreciate.

I hope you get sorted - however Max is a moderator on the forums, which means he’s a volunteer and doesn’t work for T10. So he has no direct access to fix any problems or the like. Support as Max posted is your only option.

Thanks Dam for your information. Well, I’ll keep dealing with the terrible service of Forza 7 Support. Now, the support guy asked me if I had the correct access licenses… what??? He asks me the most inept questions in the world. If i can play the story game, i can access everything in the game except de multiplayer, i think i have a valid access to the game. Well, we continue, one month and a half with this.

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