Think My 360 is dying

It has been glitching a little and today it went black screen and then only showed parts of my kit…then it froze a little in another game…is it terminal? is it time to celebrate the End of Watch for my faithful companion?

Are you hooked up through HDMI or standard definition (red, white and yellow wires)?

Nah, it’s not dying. You know it’s really dying when you need to spray it with canned air for 30 minutes before playing.


what kind of freezes are you seeing? And are you seeing only parts of the game render in as you’re playing? Are you playing from the disc, or the hard drive?

Thanks for the replies. Ime going HDMI,
All my games are installed to the HD, since new, to save on the wear and tear.
The screen went black and only parts of my picture were there, other times i “fell” out of the game weird
i was hacked once and think its the same lil squeaker doing it again
it has happened on MW3 and a couple of times in forza, in which the game went on but i was lagging

Reason I asked is because my friend had similar problems, but it turned out to be his video/audio cable that was doing it. But with HDMI, I don’t know if that is it. If you are getting hacked then the safest bet may be contacting Microsoft and have them take down your account for a couple of weeks to figure out who is doing it. That is what they did with my account the one time I got hacked. They will move your Xbox Live over to another temporary account while yours if being fixed. Could take up to 6 weeks though. Mine took about a week and a half.

I don’t think a hack would do what you are experiencing, but it does sound like you are having some hardware failure.

It might be the HDMI, Ill switch over to the RGB today…its an old Fat 360 from 2007, 05 build date. but its been so reliable ime expecting that it might be getting into its twilight time.
Ive been in touch with Microsoft and support 3 times , they helped me reset my acct. and ill ask them to see of they could do a take down.
I know who did it, they sent me a PM and said they were going to do it, as the message was passed to MS they went to work on it. other friends have experienced similar problems.

My one and only concern was my FM status. I dont want it affected, most of the hours on my Box are from FM 2 3 4 and the loss would be devastating .
since the first post ive finished off the event list and am content, all that’s left is the Porche pack. everything else is secondary
Thanks guys!