Things Wrong With This Communuty

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That’s all for now.

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I’m new in this “business” and I absolutely agree. Already…


Dirty Racers: The game could have a better penalty system. What you are seeing is racing with no human stewards to moderate things. I usually run in the ‘no collisions’ lobby online and constantly hear people complaining because they can’t crash in to others. Your ‘best’ option here is to report and then block the offenders.

Non-helpful/rude races = luck of the draw when using public hoppers. Ask for help in the relevant forum on this board.

Endurance races - I agree they are too short. I was exited when they announced these hoppers until I saw that they were just slightly longer sprint races and not endurance races.

Sounds like you ran into all the wrong people! There are also plenty of good people; it just takes a little while to find them.

Dirty racers: these people will always be around. All you can do is report them through proper channels.

Non-Helpful/Rude Racers - Alfa 33 is superior. I think there is an option to mute certain people in the lobby - I don’t do it often and have not done it recently so I’m not sure about it.

Endurance Race - Never tried endurance lobby but 1 lap at Nord is ridiculous. I’ve been in club endurance where we actually raced almost 2 hours on that track.

My recommendations: Go to “Racers” thread and join any of the clubs. I race in 3~4 different clubs and they are all great with races from 20 minutes to 2.5 hrs long.

Thanks for the replies guys. As usual though, a mod removed the OP

Don’t break the rules and you won’t have consequences. Swearing isn’t allowed. Don’t swear and you can say just about anything else you want, simple as that.

If I swore I’d get moderated too, it’s just how things work. Rules are rules.

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I missed the OP - but it appears it was removed due to profanity. Can’t fault them for that.

Based on replies I assume you complained about endurance races not being long. That is annoying. They are long enough though that if you start in the back or get crashed in the first corner, you have a chance to work yourself back up into 3rd or 4th - depending on who is racing.

Every time I try to race online I go straight the the GT endurance lobby but there is never anyone there so I go then to the regular R class lobby. I’ve had good luck in the past with the GT lobby though. Less crashers and many clean and fast racers. (and the cars are pretty evenly matched)

The best endurance races though were the special events that Turn 10 ran like the 2.4 hour of Lemans and some of the F1 gran prix. These events actually required you to pit for tires (or not pit and run on worn tires) Damage was always on so pretty much anything could happen. (I took damage on every event I did due to some really inexperienced drivers but it didn’t matter. I pitted and carried on.) Those were great events!

Can’t disagree about the swearing, however, is it really necessary to delete the entire post? Surely just removing the expletives would suffice then we’d all know what the thread was about.

From what I’ve observed, if you swear once in your post a Mod will usually only edit out that single word. If it’s more than that they typically just edit the entire post, as it would take a bit of time to edit each individual word.

In short, the OP probably swore several times.

Well when you start a post with

“This will probably get deleted”

then complain anyhow, then complain that the post was removed because you started it with that…smh.

At least 5 edits were required, he’s lucky to be around.