AT LEVEL 650 Gold I feel competent to comment on FH2 from experience. -
I think it’s somewhat easy to determine how much attention a game developer paid to detail - and how much they bothered to play a game prior to release from OBVIOUS things.
Take for instance the AUSSIE comment guy who replaced the female in FH1

WELL DUH??? After enough races to reach level 10 we figured that one out and there is simply no audio control I can find to shut this scold up.

But beyond that aggravation of having to listen to this stupid littany after a Hypercar race where I’m feeling great about finally beating a RIVAL THERE IS NO CLEAN RACING XP FOR RIVAL RACING and beyond that at the GOLD level there are no more wristbands to earn.
Did anyone at TURN 10, SUMO DIGITAL or Microsoft think this through? Did they think about it at all? Did they play enough prior to release to even realize the problem?
That’s what runs through my mind. Why wasn’t someone paying attention to this simple stuff. Why can’t we turn the AUSSIE OFF?

So I’ve completed all 480 races in this redundant GRIND using a method to reach maximum XP by clean racing and maximizing SKILL Points.
I reached GOLD Wristband in less than a week - and shared with all of you how to to that.

NOW I WANT TO EARN THE RIVALS ACHIEVEMENT so Now I’m going back to the same races to race RIVALS and improve my standing in the same 480 races.
That requires the following

  1. I have to activate the Map Page and go to the SOCIAL Tab
  2. Move down to Rivals and click A
  3. Select from 4 choices - right now Amateur Roadtrip
  4. Select a DESTINATION like Nice Massena
  5. Select a race from 4 choices like CIRCUIT GRANDIOSE
  6. Select a Class one of 10 from Classic Performance to Supercar
  7. after these 7 steps I am presented with a RIVAL and usually a bounty of 100 to 2000 CR
  8. If I then choose to race that Rival I have to 1) select a car 2) select from the difficulty assist menu
    and then FINALLY after NINE Steps I can launch the race at step 10.

That effort pays off from what I can tell so far the bounty that adds toward the ACHIEVEMENT of 1 Million CR earned from RIVALS
That means I will need to do this 100,000 times minimum in order to make that Achievement. - Unless someone knows a better way.
If anyone knows a way to maximize RIVALS earning for the achievement please share the secret.

AND THE REAL PROBLEM NOT THOUGHT OUT BY THE DEVELOPERS - WE HAVE TO REPEAT EVERY STEP OVER AND OVER AND OVER EACH TIME WE WANT TO RACE A RIVAL. BUT It really seems like it would be quite simple to remain on that race to run it again or change race divisions without going through 10 steps every single time. doesn’t it?
I would love to compete and complete every division for every race in RIVALS mode to see how well I can do against the field of racers who have done that race but who wants to spend 3 minutes per race just to get to the right place in the menu.

AND another thing - Say I was only at TOP 84% with my first effort in a D rated car for say Street Racers at something like 14,843 and I’ve now configured a street racer as an S2 945 - I don’t want to race the suggested rival - it’s a waste of time - I want to race a rival ranked 2000th in order to hopefully win a bigger bounty. But that means I would have to scroll through 13,000 racers going down the list or go to the LEADER screen and scroll through 2000 UP the list. That takes “forever” and the Bounty for that is not much of an improvement.

I don’t know who at Turn 10 or SUMO or MS thought up this RIVALS racing scheme but I can’t imagine they played with it much. And if they aren’t ready to smack that stupid AUSSIE in the teeth after the 100th time he tells you “DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN EARN MORE XP BY RACING CLEAN” - FIRST BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT

SO DOES SUMO-TURN10-MS WANT TO TELL US WE ARE ALL STUPID? I guess so - but the truth is that whoever designed and coded to Aussie comments is CLUELESS - There are no CLEAN XP in RIVALS MODE you dimwit.

SO code writing designer needs to WAKE UP. but what else is new? It’s a shame to have such a good looking game messed up with DUMB stuff like this.


Thank you for your feedback.

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