Things that Forza 7 got right, and what needs improvement

The positives:
-The detail on the car damage is awesome
-Details on the cars themselves are great, including engine sound.
-Tracks are great, looks more realistic with water reflections, etc.

The negatives:
-No class leaderboards
-Track surroundings (trees, etc) look like they came out of FM3
-Too much focus on homologation imo


Much more functional UI menu
A meaningful economy again although not perfect.
Car menu is more functional
Homologation might a nice feature if use as a secondary classifications instead of primary classification.
Car list has some interesting car (to me anyways) new addition.

pretty much every I didn’t list in pro, was done better in previous games.

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I have way too many issues with this new game. The fact that they removed open space on Airfield so I have no way to tune my drag cars fast and efficiently. The VIP is no longer VIP it’s limited. The actual gravity of the game is more like Horizon’s 3 when you take turns at kind of forces you into a drift and I definitely hate that. The way the camera shakes is the car bumps on the road it’s pretty irritating. And as for the early release I was just a test guinea pig for all their issues. Definitely will not be paying for the Ultimate Edition next time or VIP most likely won’t be getting the next game.


Engaging career, great car and track roster, improved physics etc.


Visually, the game’s taken a bit of a hit and the car sounds are in dire need of a spruce up/boost/improvement, however you like to frame it. It feels inadequate in its current state.


Please remove engine sounds from your ‘Positive’ list. They’re probably the worst they’ve ever been in Forza. They need fixing pronto. Don’t make them think there is nothing wrong, because from ALL, yes ALL the Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris ive driven all sound worse than Horizon 3 and Forza 6.
They might seem good to some because they’ve really improved on the miscellaneous sounds in the cockpit for example, but some of the cars are in real need of an audio update.
Listen for yourself, compare the Ferrari Enzos engine sound to that of Horizon 3. Its now identical to the Aventador SV sound.

A few links just to prove this point:
LaFerrari Sound Comparison

Audi RS3 Sound Comparison:

It is actually those miscellaneous sounds that they made what makes this the most immersive Forza, in my opinion. I just raced some irl amateur touring cars on the weekend, and it’s quite a rattle in there :wink:


Excellent handling
Engaging SP races
Well-organized campaign
Impressive car list
Brought back some classic tracks


PC version lacks optimization
That loot crate BS needs to go

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Handling is Excellent
Campaign is more engaging
Tons of Cars
Classic Tracks (e.g. Maple Valley)


Graphics are lacking (Unless your getting the Xbox One X I suppose)
PC Version lacks optimisation (Currently playing Xbox One version as a result)
Progression needs to be improved as you don’t tend to earn much from race to race, even on highest difficulty settings

Good graphics
WAY better menus
AI to me is still some of the best. All that jarring for position can really make you feel more engaged and immersed.
Some people don’t like the jiggle bits on the cars, but I feel like that’s a bit more realistic. Especially with giant wings.

Ford Focusing. I get that Ken Block was a sponsor, but…like 70% of the cars in the showcase events are fords.
Shifting Animations…some are non-existent, others are just wrong. Like the flappy paddle animations are all just the driver flexing their fingers and the paddles, three inches away, moving. And then the #2 Civic…shifts up and down once, then no more animations.
It’s a bit rough around the edges…like Jermey Clarkson cutting job rough.