Things i would like to see

First off wow, thank you for this awesome game, i have legitimately had friends and family wondering where i have been the past week and this is honestly the best game i have ever played.
being a PC player and never owning a Xbox this is my first Forza game and boy did you blow me away, im still on the release hype train and the game has been out for over a week now.

But theres 2 things i would love to see in the future.

1: Wagons.
Im a sucker for wagons and theres not many to choose from currently, best thing about them is half the work is done for you with most sedans with wagon versions. Plus i would love to see a Gen 4 Liberty/Legacy Wagon, i cry every time i see the sedan in traffic as i own a wagon IRL.

2: A Race Track
I feel a race track would be a great place for people to hang out and zoom around, i hear there may be coming map expansions and i think a race track of some sort with a parking lot would be a perfect edition.
And if you didn’t know already Mount Panorama is located in Australia and i might be a bit biased here but it is the best race track in the world :wink:

But even without those things this is still one of the best games out there. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

We’ve got stickied wishlist threads for a reason.

You should repost your ideas in the wish list threads that are at the top of the list. This thread will get locked soon by a moderator but if you post your ideas to the wish list threads they will be seen by the devs.

My bet is the expansions have been under development already though so they are probably taking suggestions for FH4 now. If you like the racetrack vibe you can try forza 6 apex on the PC as well.

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Oh my bad lol, i just opened the forum and made a quick post. should of checked for a feedback thread or something first.

I will second your wagon-wishlisting, providing they include a 1993 Buick Roadmaster (with faux-wood body panels).

Yeah i know most people seem to be if you want a race track play Forza Motorsport 6 Apex. But im not saying we need a track for full on racing more a gathering place, like the airstrip is. and it could be a cool place to go and tune your cars and hoon around without traffic :wink:

I’d say your best bet is to quickly browse the top 200 requested cars and pick from those. They made it pretty clear that if they are going to be referring to the wishlist, they’d be looking at the most popular requests, rather than the more oddball requests (Which sucks since everyone seems to want the same boring crap) That’s about the only way you’re gonna get a request noticed.

Looks like someone might get a mod edit…

Better driving dynamics/physics would be nice! The game currently has the feel of an iPhone app! Adding a simulation mode would be nice.