Things I can't believe Horizon 4 doesn't have after 3 months

  1. A Blueprint Car option called, ‘Car Championship of the car I arrived in.’

Or a way better name than that :slight_smile:

Basically, the issue is this. You create a Blueprint, and you have to choose a car group, or choose Anything Goes which is basically rubbish.

So to have varied races on a route I need a Blueprint for Hot Hatch, one for Classic Racers, one for Hypercars, one for Modern Supercars, one for Rare Classics and…

Oh wait, I’ve reached my FIVE Blueprint limit, because apparently my HD or the internet just can’t cope with anymore.

And that’s just Blueprints for ONE route, when we all know with route creator, each start finish can have many routes. Some of my Start finishes have 10 routes on them.

Just put in ‘Car Championship of the car I arrived in’ and the issue is solved and the messy 5 Blueprint limit won’t seem so measly anymore.

I mean, the irony of being able to have more routes than Blueprints to use them? In what meeting did THAT make sense?

  1. The windshield being reset when entering a race.

Seriously? Three months and this is still an issue?

I cannot be the only one to arrive at a race in a blizzard, or rain, go into a summer blueprint and have to race with snow or rain on the windshield the whole damn race can I?

Needs to be fixed.

  1. A reverse start finish on Holyrood. Fortune Island has start finishes going both ways on all its silly little 45 second circuits, so you can race them both ways, but the main maps only true circuit, Holyrood, still hasn’t got an anti clockwise start finish after three months?


  1. Garage limit raised to at least 550.

Why create a game partially about collecting cars, then make it impossible to collect ALL THE CARS!

As I’ve won most cars three times over, I’d like to have multiple copies of certain cars with different liveries and setups, but I can’t due to not even being able to one copy of each car in the game in my garage at one time.

  1. Far higher number of liveries. If I have 450 cars, why are my liveries limited to 300?

Deal with it!

  1. An icon on the maps Event icons so you know if that icon has a custom route on it.

I’ve created some 60 routes so far and remembering which icon they are on is a nightmare.

  1. Following on from 6, the ability on the icon to see each route attached to it on the map.

  2. And finally 8.

The ability to zoom out to see the whole map!

To plan routes I resorted to taking screenshots of the maps in pieces, sending them to onedrive, putting them altogether in Photoshop, then sending the file to my iPad, and viewing it there to plan long routes.

All because we can’t zoom out and see the whole map in the actual game.

I’ll add that Horizon 4 is my fave game ever, let alone my fave driving game, so these are lighthearted even if i do actually really want them.

I’m afraid PG, the nearer perfection you get, and you got pretty damn close, the more obvious the flaws :slight_smile:

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Never noticed number 2. Didn’t realise you could run circuits reverse on Fortune Island, either.

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You can’t run them in reverse as you’re thinking, but they’ve provided Road Race icons going in both directions.

I think I’m right in saying you can run almost anything in Fortune Island in reverse on another icon, as they’ve provided so many.

Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists

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