TheStigsCousin's Gallery

Too many designs to post, so please have a look here –

Thank you.

Plenty to look at that’s for sure :slight_smile: a lot of very cool ones, Stig

Thank you!

I give to you my highest praise. I hate you. lol great stuff man!

nice collection Stig!

hmmm lots to see here very nice can we see that suntrust dp design on perhaps a mosler or ultima?

Thank you guys!
@onelap the reason I put it on a Corvette was it was when they switched over to the Corvette DP. I had thought about putting on something closer to an actual DP but never figured which car would be good. Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

Real solid paints, Stig. Good stuff.

Thank you koiftt. I really appreciate that.

always liked your paint jobs the Stig

Very talented, I wish I could create designs that well. The only one I’ve tried & made somewhat OK is the black/yellow Group B Rally livery for the Lancia Delta.