Theres somthing wrong with nvidias newest drivers 440.97

has anyone else found that your getting graphics problems ie error messages saying things like “low streaming error” or bits of the scenery just disappear ?


There’s always something wrong with Nvidia’s newest driver. Where you been?

I haven’t had any issues with them yet, but in general the following statement is true:

all i get with the new drivers is a headache if i use my main monitor for to long, and fps is locked at 80fps unless i go into windowmode. :confused: you can always DDU and go back to a driver that worked for you.

so roll it back. I used it last night without issue.

I can confirm his issues. It started right after I updated to version 440.97 and it disappeared when I rolled-back to previous version, 436.48.

Just like him, the game draws strange graphics errors such as missing elements of a scene (looks like a mirror or blank water surface) and then raises that “low streaming bandwidth” error. Races will halt (which ruins them, because the car stops immediately) – the problems come-up usually after 1.5-2 hours of playtime.

I am playing in WQHD at max settings using an i7-7700K and an RTX 2070 Super. I’ve been using these settings since I own this card without any problems. This definitely seem to be related to that specific driver version. I’ve talked to people on discord servers facing this issue also.

There are no critical values/events reported by hardware sensors (using hwinfo64) during game play or right after this happens.

I have reported the problem to the Forza and Nvidia Support units.

GPU specific issue?..

Didn’t encounter with GTX 1080 Ti, same WQHD (2560x1440) with every graphic setting maxed out except FXAA.
And “Antialiasing - Transparency” in the nvcpl is set to “4x (supersample)”.

While you didn’t mention your target frame rate… mine is set to 30 FPS. (which might be the cause)

Still cannot reproduce even had the game running for a whole night…

I dunno what’s going on at nvidia these days but different versions of their drivers have messed-up both FH4 and FH3 several times in the last year causing either major glitches or even the game to lock-up entirely. SMH.

I think the streaming issue was an issue with FH4 not Nvidias drivers. I got that issue the first night of the new patch but haven’t since then.

Got the same problem since I updated to 440.97, I’ll rollback then.

Looks like a memory issue, it happens more frequently the longer I play, I have to restart the game to make it work well until it happens again.

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hey all, nvidia is already aware of this issue and customer care rep Manuel Guzman has got a reproduction of the crash.

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Glad to hear. I’m in an uncomfortable situation: just got ‘modern warfare’ for which the new driver makes sense, but screwing up Forza is a no-go!

You might be better off on 431.60 then, there are some users reporting rainbow colour issues in CODMW with this driver as well, though i have word from one player that they only occured with VRAM overclocked.

Where did you see that ? Their new forum is such a pain to browse now.

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Someone wrote it to my post there:

Oh so it is an NVidia thing then, interesting. Well hopefully that means there will be a hotfix driver in the next week or two.

So there’s a new driver, 441.08 : Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA

It does not tell if the issue is fixed and I don’t wan’t to lose time to update and check and rollback if it’s still there, I can live a few days with 436.48.

i hereby confirm that it has NOT been fixed.

So done with Nvidia. Soon as AMD release a GPU that beats my 1080 Ti, I’m ghost. They don’t pay me enough to QA. >:[