There's a new UPDATE today Nov. 17th

Hope it fixes the Livery HUB!

Bug: No sound on video capture on Xbox One X since FH4 update 17 Nov 2020

Anyone else?

Edit: So far, NOT reproduceable, but happened first time ever.

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@ForzaHorizon “The hotfix addresses some issues around Quick Resume and liveries, but if you are still experiencing issues this article is the place to submit a ticket!”

FH4 Release Notes: November 17th, 2020 (Hotfix)

Version Number:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 2.451.339.0
  • Xbox One: 1.451.339.0
  • Windows PC: 1.451.334.0


  • Fixed a number of issues around changing languages
  • Fixed a number of issues where liveries were not being displayed in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a number of issues using Quick Resume


  • Minor back-end fixes

Unfortunately that annoying bug that the controller setting returns to default at startup is still there.

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Since the last update FH4 does not start with me on the series X anymore, the loading screen already runs 20 minutes. No improvement even after a restart and reinstallation.
Update Version Series X/S: 2.451.339.0

All other games are running flawlessly

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