There's a Dolby Atmos Update Today

Dolby Atmos Update from Dolby makes the game sound even better than before.

Very nice. I may test this out, in my home cinema set up. Thanks for the heads up.

Is the sound delay still a problem? Theres a famous issue regarding Series X + Dolby Atmos which causes delay between sound and image.

Don’t have Series X, but you should try the Update anyway.

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when\why would there ever be sound coming from above you in a racing game like horizon?

There are birds, pigeons, some echo sounds in tunnels, and the railway tracks above your head make a weird noise… not sure why? But also Atmos is surround enhanced as well… positional surround. It ignores your speaker positions, and tries to create a bubble of sound.

It’s the bubble that’s been improved today, it is way more directional than before. Also I can hear animals that I couldn’t hear before. They sound like wild jungle animals, not sure what they are?

Atmos is meant to be more immersive, as mentioned above, like a bubble.
I tried it earlier. It works very well. Lots of ambient noises you’ve never noticed before.
Tunnels sound very life like. Passing under bridges, they woosh overhead.
Just using 7.1 surround gives very solid directional input. You hear cars racing around you.
It was very interesting to set up and try.