TheJockobo Photo Gallery

The Horizon Festival went to Australia, and we were presented with a stunningly beautiful game yet again! Here is my attempt to capture the amazing work T10 and playground games have done

Here i took a slammed r8 out for a little shoot on the side of a country road

And here is a shot of the beautiful Aventador

Last one is my fav, so far. The contrast seems a little high in the others. Saying that, sometimes it works really well.

I really like the third shot of the Audi!

Great work, Audi is my Fave :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Here are a few photos:

(clearly i have an issue shooting only front 3/4 view :stuck_out_tongue: ill work on that)

I LOVE the lighting on the Ferrari’s front wheel, and the whole T70 picture is amazing, really cool editing

Have to agree here, great work. That edit really works well.

Lola looks ace!

Again, I really appreciate the feedback! I’m really glad y’all liked the lola shot! Was very happy it was added as a forzathon prize!

Here are a new set of photos featuring some of my jdm drifters

This shot has a very JDM feel to it and it suits the car perfectly, well done!

+1! I like the grainy filter you added.