TheDaniel46' Amateur Designs

Hey guys! Just looking for some help & advice on some of my designs. So far I’ve done a lot of designs, race & fantasy. It’s a progression & I’ve slowly improved, but I feel like I could always learn new things & take advice to make my designs better.

I’ve done more designs on Horizon than 4, but feel like I’ve more choices of cars to design on 4, so have started designing there more. One of my recent designs is this Rocket Bunny style Mitsubishi GTO. Looking for some honest feedback in improving my design to make it more realistic & accurate.

Here it is.

Thanks for taking the time to look. C&C welcome.


looking good
as long as your willing paint and learn thats all most ask for. Real paints are done by people who choose to be original im glad to see you chose that route keep on painting we all hope to see more bud

Daniel, I had a quick Google look at Rocket Bunny and the variety is huge. I really like the design the way it is, clean n simple. If I were to add anything it would be a license plate, maybe some rivets around the back bumper and maybe some over the wheel wells to indicate flared wells. You might want to experiment with a small design like a bunny or some simple lettering but that will detract from the simple grace it possess now. I like it!


Thanks for the feedback guys! My 1st try at doing a kit as such, was done on horizon. I done a Rocket Bunny FRS & took the best bit ideas from other designs I found online & made my own. The GTO was made entirely from my own imagination.

I have my actual registration on the car so that’s why I didn’t take a better picture from behind lol I just done it because I didn’t think I’d ever post my designs tbh. But I do have a license plate on the back with my own home made HKS numberplate surround and the recess is painted in the grey the same as side skirts, splitter & vents.

I was contemplating rivets over wheel arches, I’ll give it a shot. Where do you mean to put the rivets on the bumper? I like your idea for a logo and think I’ll have an experiment & maybe place subtle one or 2 on the car, without over doing it.

Thanks for the advice & opinions guys! :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts…


I think it would look good over the arches maybe, but I’m thinking for realism that nobody rivets plastic bumpers lol Although I get your idea, it really wouldn’t look bad at all :slight_smile:

Ya know what…I really couldn’t find any “drift” car (wide body) that had any rivets on it…me thinks you should just leave it alone. Looks good the way it is. Cheers!


Hi Daniel, i think you did a fantastic job on the widebody.The only thing that i should remove is the red tape that holds on the front bumper to the car.Also liked Doodley idea.But it’s personal taste.
Looks great the way it is.Good job.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. I liked the idea of drift spec kind of car, and put the red cable ties on to try and replicate that. I suppose the design does look a lot cleaner without it.

I experimented with cars & riveted on panels before I decided to try & make the kit. I shall try & post up my other designs when I get a chance. Problem is some are only on Horizon but most are on both. … Can’t really see another car right now that will be easy enough to do a Rocket Bunny style kit on. I’ll have to play about with some designs a little more.

I like the design as you have it,It works well being uncluttered

Me too. I like the subtleness of the body kit.