TheDaniel46' Amateur Designs

Hey guys! Just looking for some help & advice on some of my designs. So far I’ve done a lot of designs, race & fantasy. It’s a progression & I’ve slowly improved, but I feel like I could always learn new things & take advice to make my designs better.

So far I’ve done a Rocket Bunny FRS, Rusty barn find style Classic GTR & a few other Zombie hunter designs that I had posted on the old forums. I haven’t taken pictures of all my designs but I’ll post when I can & hope to hear some honest feedback.

So here is my Rocket Bunny FRS.

Maybe not great pictures (Sorry), but I hope you get the ideas. C&C welcome.

Thanks for looking & hopefully I’ll get more posted up soon!


nice pic man like how u made paint job into the body kit makes it look more aggressive and realistic nice job !

What is the price for that in the storefront?