The Xbox one forza 10th anniversary console: is it worth it?

I already have a Xbox one and I am not sure if I should buy the forza themed console. Yeah it has a special design and sound effects, but who needs it? It comes with forza Motorsport 6 but I was planning to get the digital ultimate edition instead.

No one can tell you if its worth it to you.

To me it is worth it. Why?

Only because my bluray drive is dying yet again but this one has lasted longer than the 12 month warranty.

I was on the verge of buying a new one anyway.

I will push MS to fix or replace my old one but happy to have 2 in the house to stop fighting over 1 lol.

If you want a collectible just get the controller.

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If your a diehard fan with quite a bit of money to spare, then definitely you should get it and Forza Motorsport for the original Xbox (10 year anniversary, gotta play the original). I’m a fan, but not rich enough to splurge on this luxury though.

I’m going to get the forza 10th anniversary console. Besides my Xbox one is worn out and crashes alot

Forza Motorsport 6 should come pre-installed. By the time this game downloads, Missy Franklin, Hope ‘Mayweather’ Solo, and Marta Karolyi will be in beast mode.

Your money is your money; but, if you are asking complete strangers if something is “worth it” to you, it might be best for you to hold off.

I have two day one consoles in very good, working condition so I won’t be getting this one. Instead I’ll just get FM6. For me, it’s not worth it - and I agree with TheShadowEdge: if you’re coming here to ask a bunch of strangers whether or not it’s a good purchase it’s probably not the best purchase.

In the end, how much money do you have to spend, can you afford it, and what is the state of your current Xbox One? Perhaps you can sell your Xbox one to help recoup some cost.

I personally don’t think the console is worth it, if you already have one. The controller however, is a different story. Definitely picking that up.

I wonder if they will make the Xbox One Elite controller with different skins.

I would love to get one of those with the Forza Motorsport 6 theme…

They would have made a killing if they decided to bundle it with a special edition elite controller instead of the standard one. To me personally, I would only get it if I had money to burn, which I don´t. But the Controller I am going to pick up, if its ever available in germany that is. Otherwise I am happy so far with my Day One Edition. And buying a 1Tb ssd for extended storage come cheaper aswell.


Unless you happen to have X amount spare that can’t be spent on better things, imo, it isn’t worth it.

The sound would get annoying for me after a while (maybe you can turn it off somehow) and it would be good to get the Ultimate Edition if it was available physically. But the 1TB is awesome :slight_smile: