The worst exploit, making user rankings invalid

I’ve been diligently working through the accolades, trying to get into at least the top 1,000. A short while ago, I was ranked just under 1,300 which I was thrilled with. Given the buggy accolades, I’ve been jumping all over the place but decided to go revisit the Skills accolades.

The only ones I had left were the (broken) Hoonigan Bronco accolade, the (broken) Warthog accolade, the 2M Appolo accolade, and the Pagani Zonda R accolade. I pinned the Zonda R accolade, bought the car from the autoshow and went to the main highway. After watching the pinned accolade get marked as completed, I went back into accolades to review what I had left.

About 12 accolades, all of which I had already completed except for the ones noted above showed up as yet to be completed. So I thought, okay, I’ll just go back and do these again, I guess. I went back and did the Twerkstallion one and one of the Ford Focus RS accolades and they would briefly show up pinned and then disappear from the screen while completing them. But then when I looked at my score, it gave me the points for both. Totally furious about this.

I’ve spent a lot of time drifting around the Horizon festival to build up skill points and occasionally a skill accolade would pop up and say I completed it. I didn’t pay much attention to it or even catch what they were because they were those long combos (like do 2 ultimate drifts and ultimate airs or whatever) and they’d pop up and be gone before I had a chance to read them. But I always thought, “Cool, another one down!” But who knows? It could’ve been the same accolade over and over.

Absolutely livid. This failure completely invalidates all of the rankings on the scoreboard since users can obviously just keep playing the same accolades over and over. I sincerely hope that there’s a log kept of how many times each user completes an accolade so that the scores could be properly adjusted. Or just a simple check of math to make sure the total accolade score is actually correct.

Knowing this exploit, it seems like the only way to avoid an accidental ban is to pin every accolade before you do it. And make sure you only do that one and just hope you don’t accidentally complete some other weird accolade you’ve already completed in the process. :frowning:


Some of them do seem repeatable, but whether it’s a bug or by design, I don’t know. I also thought they were NOT repeatable, but when doing skill point farming I’ve noticed the same couple of accolades regularly pop up. I can’t remember the name of them, but it’s something to do with getting drift / wreckage / air skills within a short period. I’ve seen that same one pop up loads of times. Now, am I being given cumulative score for it? Or is it that the accolade is never saving, so the game keeps thinking I’m doing it for the first time? I have no idea. Either way, it has to be wrong.

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I’ve been keeping a separate pen and paper log since I reached a rank around 4,000. In it, I’ve been writing down my rank and associated accolade score whenever I’ve gone up about 5-10K in score. It’s mostly been to see how competitive it is the closer I get to 1,000. As I’ve gotten closer, I’ve been checking more every time I complete a handful of accolades. And with this latest incident, I can say it’s most definitely adding the accolade score cumulatively.

I just want to be fairly ranked. With the bugginess of the accolades already, it’s just depressing to realize that the system can be so easily gamed. And even without you knowing which makes it worse.

Don Joe or how is it called should know it, I guess? And he was probably among first testers? I would like to know too.

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Yeah there is multiple popping up here whole time. My playerhome is set to Hotel Castillo taking some car for testride and using menu->go home pops all the time “drive from a to b in 1:30” same for “2xdrift 2xjump” “2x this and 2x that” in other spots and so on. Same for the drive from this festival to other. Even in some Events it shows bla “drive a to b in xx min”.
Already ignoring the popup until stuff is fixed

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Presumably the entire leaderboard and all the scores can be fixed by the devs by recalculating it and making sure each accolade has only been added to the overall score once. Whether they’ll do this is another matter.

It would be good if they also fix the many which people have done but have not been awarded at all.

The whole thing is a mess unfortunately. We are the beta testers.

Now, people may say, well what does it matter? Just play the game and ignore the leaderboard. Okay sure, but I tend to think that if you are going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all. If the feature is in the game, make sure it works right.


LOL, fixing leaderboards in Horizon. I am not sure…

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I found the one I was referring to, it’s in the Skills section, called Drifty Smash Smash. I’ve definitely seen that come up several times.

Fully messed up these accolades. Was doing the StreetScene event from playlist and it popped “win a race in car without any performance/visual upgrades” in fully upgraded megane.
But yeah maybe some are repeatable by design or it ends with everyone on #1 + same points in hall of fame after completing all accolades

I had that one…was quite confused as I was in a tuned car, albeit without any visual mods.

Then again, the other day I had an accolade show up for winning a race in a specific car…which would have been fine except I was not in that car, wasn’t even in the same type of car!!

Joe should a make a video about it. If he’s first, he should know how it works.

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Oh, I just tested it finally and you can repeat accolades. :frowning: I hope they will update leaderboards but we all know how it will end…

Just a small tip there’s an option in Settings (think it is under Accessibility) to increase the length of time notifications stay on screen, couple of other useful settings in there too like increasing text size which I found together just makes it all a bit easier to read.

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But doesnt it make sense that way? Otherwise we’d have loads of players with the same score as you can’t do more accolades. It makes sense for certain accolades, to be repeatable.


If players end up on same points it is then sorted by who got max points first.

I think fh2 or fh3 had a leader board like that for club 1000.

But yeah, I am not saying HOF makes sense this way but the design is clear. No accolades are repeatable. Like in Lego.

Yeah its some bug. There is no reason to reset the “drive from a > b” or some trailblazer accolades wich makes them repeatable. It has some accolades with the circle/repeat icon but they dont give the points again. So in this way hall of fame make no sense everyone ends with same points


Refresh icon bothers me too. What could it mean.

It updates after redoing the Story event (maybe allows players to complete if they missed on first try) but yeah it gives points only once thats ok.

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