The "Worst Achievement of All Award"...

… goes to “THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE” where have to dive deep into the dumps of FH4 multiplayer.

Hell did I hate the experience… I cleared all the harder achievements (actually just 3 minor left to completion), but this… this was the worst I had to go through (and I got the church board with the unintended grass ramp, which was actually fun).

WHY? Why do you hate us so much, Turn10? Where you guys drunk one night and thought “Hey, how can we spoil multiplayer fun as hard as possible and take away every good thing, people loved FH3 multiplayer for?”

Thank God it’s past midnight, gonna trade my 1,000 PS monsters for one ps for most time now.

Enjoy your break and once done, fix MP! Thanks.

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it might be microsofts fault actually, for some reason they believe that if they don’t have multiplier achievements then no one will use their servers, in reality all it does is frustrate people, especially those that are achievement hunters but prefer to play alone.

Most serious achievement hunters I know have no issue ignoring those multiplayer achievements if that’s not what they like doing, you only need to look at their achievement list. I know some people just have to catch 'em all, but if it’s that important to them then surely they will do what needs to be done, regardless (doesn’t help when the achievements are bugged and just won’t pop no matter what, but that’s poor coding on PG’s part, not Micro$oft’s problem).

The issue here is that adventure mode is so badly designed in FH4, that you have a case where people thought these adventure mode achievements would be easy, but were hit with the reality of the situation while doing so. I’ve never felt so relieved that I got an achievement when I got those two for adventure mode. And yet I still punish myself by trying (strong emphasis on TRYING) to do races in ranked, because my self-diagnosed OCD will not allow me to ignore it when there’s league rank and rewards to earn.

Micro$$$$oft is a problem all of it’s own, but thinking this particular issue is anyone’s fault but the developer’s for making multiplayer such an unfriendly experience in some cases, is a bit silly. If adventure mode in FH4 wasn’t so tedious, aggrivating, and filled to the brim with filthy drivers, it would be easily be just a low effort, arbitrary achievement to fill a list for the sake of having consistent gamerscore totals available for all games, to give people something to aim for outside of the base game experiences. It’s not the achievement’s fault that FH4 adventure is so bad.

The simple fact is that a lot of people expected a fun, accessible, and engaging multiplayer mode based their experience with other Horizon games, when all they got was a sucker punch and a heavy feeling of disappointment. A feeling which is only adding fuel to the other issues with the game.

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It’s not multiplayer per se, but multiplayer in FH4 that hardly has to do anything with racing, it feels more like wacky racing and wiener-slapping than actual race driving…

You had that to some extent in all FH titles, but there were alternatives at least (collision-free races, ghost rivals, choice of class A and B races where players were slightly more civilised). Strangely enough, the much despised freeroam rush (which has become part of team adventure championships now, double-tap headshot…) is the thing that comes closest to racing now. If you know the lay of the land, you can leave the ruck of baboons aside and test your rally skills on different routes.

It’s a bloody shame you have to organize outside of the game to see some fair and good racing now.

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I don’t like multiplayer in ANY game unless I’m good at it. After getting any MP achievements I just play SP.

I joined a race in my S1 Alfa on a team with 1 other person in an X Class Agera RS. I beat them because I could actually keep my car on the track. They missed checkpoints, crashed into buildings, trees and pretty much everything else. They’d blast past me doing like 200mph then further up the track I’d pass them while they were recovering from another crash out. What is it they say? Power is nothing without control…

It could be worse, they might have included a Back of the Pack achievement like in FM6 and 7


Yeah… that one’s not even on my radar. The rare time I go into multiplayer at all, I don’t expect to win. I’m just trying my best to not drive like a jerk.

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Nope worst Achievement goes to the Forza 7 “Start in last and come in first in a 24 person Multiplayer race” AKA Back of the Pack.

All day, hands down, not even in the same realm.

This achievement, while annoying, is easy. Back of the Pack is blind luck and near impossible.

F6 at least there were expansion for added achievement points. F7 with no expansions I shall forever be under 1k. (or 2993 for Forza Rewards)


Level 5 in Adventure mode? If you’re a serious achievement hunter you’ll have this done in no time and just move onto the next one.

There’s a difference between time and perceived time. The perceived time verges on a day if you hate every single minute of the activity. Then there’s the added blood pressure, the cussing and the knowledge that the next race series won’t be better, nor the one after that etc.

Oh, I was done when posting, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I joined 2016, “working” on Tier 12 atm., serious enough for me (Forza is actually the reason why I bought the Xbox and the upgraded X in the 1st place).

But honestly, it was my fault approaching the achievement by racing, I should have gone for playground games instead.