The weirdest bug? Fanatec CSL shift light and ingame stutter.


so I bought this game today, and playing with my wheel (CSWv2 with CSL P1 rim) I noticed regular intervals of stuttering (and framedrops in MSI Afterburner). Switching to the controller those issues went away. After playing around some more I figured out the exact circumstances: As long as the shift light on the rim is in the white “SHIFT IDIOT!” flicker, the stutter persists. I’m on the latest driver and firmware (but NOT on the driver that Windows seem to insist on installing with every big update but the one from Fanatec directly), I tried reinstalling the driver, didn’t work. I tried disabling the shift light in the driver, the light stayed off but I suspect whatever data exchange happens between game and driver still happens…

Anyone else seen something like this or maybe even fixed it?

I guess I could shift earlier :slight_smile: