The wait is killer

My Pre-order through Amazon went through last night and it is driving me crazy now knowing it can be downloaded but not played, lol.

Same here. I look forward to the weekdays more than the weekends because the weekdays give us new information to talk about. I am excited for new music and adding your music. Its a great way to listen to a full album while cruising in Australia. To help with the wait, I started a workout program to keep my mind off the wait. I’ll be a different person by the time the game is launched. Already dropped 10 lbs! I’ll lose another 5 when he game comes out!

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I’ve been waiting since rumors of the game coming to PC came out. Which was back then in something like March.

Well, less than one month left to go now.

I pre-ordered the ultimate edition yesterday, I checked my recent downloads on my xbox and sure enough FH3 along with the DLCs :slight_smile:

Wait wait wait.

Is the game avaliable to pre-download now? 'cause that’s the entire reason I haven’t pre-purchased yet, I’m waiting until I can get it done.

Amazon gave me a link to and when clicked it stated that it will be auto installed to my xbox system when it is on next or if auto updates are enabled, so yes, pre-download is happening as far as I can tell. I am not at home to check the xbox though so I would have to wait until later to verify.

Ah right. I figure it’s just downloaded some preliminary files but usually you don’t get to download the entire game until a week or so before launch.

Still not too long to go but yeah, they’d have my money right this second if I could pre-load today, ha.

not 45 gigs of preliminary files, or atleast I don’t think so.

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I can’t wait too, but here’s hoping launch day on PC will be smooth and optimized.

I’m still waiting for the demo - though I will probably pre-order in September.

Going through the MS Store though for the car

i have not seen a pre-download coming in jet, but the game will probably have to go Gold either this week or the next, just to have disc copies ready for shipping.

God i hate this wait.

Only 24 more days (as of this post) for Ultimate (28 days for all others) to go!

it really is
super hyped for this game like a kid counting off days on a calendar!
the news about gold, achievements and the warthog made it even worse haha

When you’ve preordered and it’s all ready to be played…

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I have pre-ordered ultimate edition on 14/6. the next day Forza Horizon 3 was announced, and it is a full 101-day long wait until the game is released. Pain. Now I’m looking forward to the demo on 12/9, hopefully it will work on PC.

Has anyone noticed the UK release is the 23/9 at 6:00PM?

Has it always been that?

That’s the exact time Forza DLC is made available (as far back as I remember) guess it’s because it releases for everyone at the same time.

The wait is killer. I’ve played all the games I’ve got to the death, Horizon 3 is the first in a line of awesome games coming this year… currently binge watching TV series haha.

I’m interested to see if my local game store are going to give me my ultimate edition on the morning of the 23rd because that will result in me playing the game way before 6pm
Or will it install and still be locked for me until 6pm like the digital downloads…

I believe it’ll be locked until 6Pm, but I could be wrong.

I hope it works and not like when Forza 6 nothing but problems with that game on release day.