The unicorn cars

I know that PG announced there won’t be any new Forzathons, but what about those cars that can only obtain from Forzathons? Why can’t PG just gift them all to us or rerun the Forzathons starting from 2016? I don’t want to see my barn finds stuck at 18/20…

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Maybe you should be asking PG that
Try opening a support ticket at their support site

Its totally pointless asking here since they wont respond


I’ll try, thank you.

Honestly, none of the unicorns are really that cool. The Sesto Elemento is the only one really worth having

For me, those HE cars and some Porsches are cool enough!

Sesto Elemento is awesome! Better in FH3 than FH4 I reckon.

I missed the Porsche 918 Spyder. It’s a great car, at least, that’s what I see from gameplay.
(Plus it just looks cool.)

The 996 GT3. Bought the Porsche DLC in FM6 for that, still couldn’t find one in the H3 auctions