The Turn 10 Reporting System. I used it instead of just moaning

Like most other people, whenever a wrecker starts ruining a lobby I used to leave, join another and hope that it would be clean. The other day, in a lobby with 4 people determined to ruin mine and everybody elses race I decided for once to save the replay and try reporting it to a moderator here on the forum.

The whole process probably took about 15 mins - i had to watch the replay 4 times to make sure they were definitely wrecking intentionally and not just a bit rubbish. I noted down gamertags, cars and a really brief description of what they doing and sent it off. I got a reply quickly saying it was being looked at and a little later a reply to give me a outcome.

4 people, who i’m not a going to have to put up with or avoid for a little while. Not bad for 15 mins of my time. Should we have to police the game ourselves? No, probably not. In an ideal world we shouldn’t need to. But as we aren’t in an ideal world and we want clean hoppers or leagues, then maybe if we all just took a little time we can start to remove those who want to crash and not race.

I read plenty of posts regarding wreckers and “what are T10 going to do about it”, well short of having a moderator or staff member in all the lobbies all the time, i’m not sure, but until then, use the one facility that is available.

A word of warning though, only use it for those that you are 100% certain are wrecking intentionally. Look at the replay. Is there a chance they missed their braking point? Did they genuinely appear not to know there was a corner coming up and just slammed into a crowd of cars by mistake? The process only works with a bit of effort to ensure genuine idiocy is taking place. Otherwise, the system will become clogged up replays of hard driving, door banging, rear ending etc etc.

We all want a clean community but instead of just repeatedly moaning about it on the forums, maybe we just need to act like a community and work together to rid the hoppers of people that want to ruin our game.

End of sermon… :wink:


Agreed, this game is for individuals who want to enjoy a racing game, not imbeciles that think it’s a destruction derby. Go play GTA or something.


I’ve reported a few that way and seen some of the benefits.

Unfortunately however, spending 15 minutes to report something from a 5 minute race isn’t an efficient use of my free time. I use the in-game/XBL options to report for most cases now, only report to Turn 10 directly if somebody’s behaving really badly.


It’s a fair point, 15 mins is probably too long but in fairness i had to report 4 people from a single race. I guess if it was one idiot it would have taken the length of a replay and a quick message.

Really not sure the whole in-game reporting achieves a great deal. Can’t see them banning people with no proof. Happy to be proved wrong though.


Problem is get rid of one another takes the place.They have to come up with better solution.If I was to report every wrecker in my races I would spend more time reporting then racing.Uphill battle at best.


But the whole idea of community is everybody pitches in. It shouldn’t be down to just one guy in a lobby constantly trying to police it. The vast majority of drivers in a lobby of 24 are clean. Some are fast and clean, some are slower and trying to be clean, All of us make mistakes and hit someone else from time to time. Actually, very few people are wreckers in proportion to how many people actually play the game. It wouldn’t take too long if we acted together for the lobbies to be a lot cleaner than they are now. Not perfect maybe, but definitely better.

The biggest issue I see aside from wreckers is people not wearing mics, accidentally hitting somebody and then not apologising for their mistake. This in turn leads to the guy that was hit in the first place losing their temper and striking back, potentially taking out other cars as collateral damage. They all get angry and then the lobby is filled with people determined to reap some sort of revenge on everybody else. If you have just spent £300 on an Xbox and £45 for a game, don’t be mean, go and buy a mic. If someone hits me and apologises for their mistake then it’s all good. It does tend to stop things escalating into personal vendettas- which also ruin the game for everyone else in the lobby.

Finally, on a seperate note - Turn 10, for the love of God please put some immovable barriers / tyres / walls / whatever you want, on the prime corner cutting points (Spa / Yas Marina / Sonoma etc etc) as this will also help clean up lobbies by stopping people flying into the side of you when they have completely ignored the corner / chicane. You can’t always fix human nature and the desire to cheat but you can fix a corner. :slight_smile:


You are right it is an issue. Having said that I still use it in the hope that people can hear my apologies. Generally if I see their name pop up but can’t hear anything then I work on the basis they have just apologised for hitting me or heard my apology. Not always the case - they could be screaming obscenities at me for all I know.

As an afterthought, I’m not sure that 24 people all being able to talk at the same time is such a good thing…it’s bad enough with 6 people having 3 seperate conversations whilst someone insists on being the lobby DJ and another person has a protracted coughing fit into their microphone whilst shouting at their dog / wife / kids. Also, if you are on the phone, can you mute your mic? I have already probably had a bad day at work. I don’t need to hear a one-sided conversation about yours. :wink: I retract my earlier comment about microphones.

not sure if they still do, but when i bought my xbone there was a headset included…basic one but did the job…i think a lot of people just bother using them

immovable barriers would be a good addition though, they did with some tracks but not others

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The new ones, certainly in the UK at least don’t seem to have them in which is a shame. You now have to spend £25 on the nasty, cheap headset you used to get for nothing. :wink:

Yo SNOWOWL, I’ve got a couple of replays shared up but your inbox is full!

I’m pretty sure if enough reported the same person for the same thing, it would flag something in Microsoft’s system.

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I’ve raced with a couple T10 guys in A class lobby, and in talking to them in the lobbies between races, I was told emphatically that there was nothing they could do regarding sending in saved replays and getting them to look at the offenders. That said, what the OP posted is news to me and probably several other people, and if T10 has in fact started doing this, regardless of method, they need to make it known to everyone, so as to serve notice to offenders, and inform good racers that options do exist to report

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I’d imagine that only a really small minority of T10 employees - the Community team - have the authority or inclination to get involved in enforcement, and most of the time when you come across a T10 badge in a lobby it’s just someone playing the game for enjoyment just like anyone else.

I work for a different MS studio, and I sometimes play games I’ve worked on, but it would be as much of a waste of time complaining to me about an aspect of the game design I don’t control as complaining about the new Save As dialog in Windows. Even if I agreed with you there would be little I could do about it because that’s just not how games development works.


I like the message, but I don’t think this is something that should be blasted out into the community. The process will surely be abused and ruin its effectiveness. Only the extreme offenders should be reported in this manner


You’re right of course. I did point out in the original post that if it’s not used properly, it won’t work at all. My guess is that there are very few people who can review and recommend bans in the first place and I’m fairly sure they don’t want to wade through endless examples of “he hit me in a corner, ban him” nonsense. The four guys I reported were repeatedly smashing cars off the track upto 12 times a race, race after race. These are the type of people who need to go.

It really should be used responsibly and with a bit of thought and effort on the reporting persons part, otherwise as you correctly state, it will cease to be effective and in all likelihood it will be taken away.

Given that the people on this forum have taken enough time to register, my guess is that they have enough of an interest in the game that they will use this in the right manner. Obviously not all of them. I know some people just register just to demand their money back because a car isn’t available in their favourite colour or whatever.

As for blasting it out into the community, I was given the details on how to do this in a public post, so my guess is that it isn’t secret.


People who are in party chat can’t talk to the race lobby and vice versa. That causes communication problems too. If you try to warn someone, they might not be able to hear ya. etc…

I wouldn’t mind using game chat instead of party but game chat is just constant problems. That guy can’t hear him and he can’t hear us etc. It is so bad I don’t bother using it too often, even when I am on my own now I just play with no mic mostly because the quality is so bad.

As for this reporting system I used it the other day when someone decided he only wanted to ruin everyone else’s drifts. I don’t know if anything has happened but i feel better knowing that maybe he at least got put on a list so if he is reported again he will get banned.

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You know what the solution should be? Bring back cat and mouse. Bring back the lobby that encouraged people to hit and harass other players in an attempt to win the game. Tag just doesn’t cut it, mainly because everyone is out to hit each other whereas in cat and mouse, everyone’s racing at the same time, trying to focus on their driving line and often times not expecting a perfectly-placed pit maneuver or divebomb into a corner, which can obviously be very satisfying. This won’t solve the entire problem, but at least it will give people an outlet to race while also hitting people intentionally. Never understood why Turn 10 decided to omit cat and mouse from its lobbies, as it was wildly popular.

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wreckers are wreckers, they do it for the sole enjoyment of annoying everyone else
they would have no enjoyment out of playing the game it’s supposed to be played
they just need to suspended from playing online, at first temporary then permanently if they continue to do so