The steering in this game MUST be fixed

Let me just kick it up on a highly positive note:

I love Forza - I’ve been at it since FM2 and the developers’ hard work and dedication have been at the root of every single game released to date.

However, since F4, there’s something funny that’s been going on with the steering. It was toned down somewhat in FM5 but it’s a problem again in FM6:

The slightest tap on the brakes during those long sweeping turns will cause your car to lose traction and start sliding. At this point, you have no steering… literally, the wheel inside the cockpit no longer moves and you end up in the grass.

I understand speed sensitive steering has been implemented for a reason, especially on the pad but the way the wheels go from lock to lock is not realistic. And again, I’m going to use braking as an example: let’s say you’re braking before a turn and you’re off the brakes completely before starting the turn. The wheel moves to about 30 or 45 degs depending on your speed and will continue to move slowly unless you even think about touching the brakes… you touch the brakes and the lock actually goes back to 30 or even 25 degrees, for instance.

Something occurred to me: maybe it’s the games vibration and rumble that’s causing this. I switched off rumble and took down vibration to 50%. Sure enough, the brakes were hardly messing with the steering lock and I was instantly getting more wheel lock allowing me to get sharper turn angles.

Turn 10, you guys please make the steering realistic in the game. There are hidden assists that almost ruin the experience and make it feel like its on rails/arcadey. Furthermore, the steering angle should not be tied to braking through an invisible wire.

If you’re on a wheel, this is irrelevant. But it’s high time something got done about the steering in the game and how braking as well as feedback/vibration interferes with it.

I thought something strange was happening too. Sometimes it feels like I have no control of the car during one lap and the next lap it is fine. I will try turning of the triggers rumble and turn down the main vibration setting. I’m not the best on the brakes and in traffic I’m a little worse. If tapping my brakes in a turn is changing my steering lock when I’m in traffic, that’s not good.

Most of the time the trigger rumble has no benefit because i can barely feel them when I need them the most. when I don’t need them they are strong. It is as if they get turned down when you are around other cars to help the CPU/GPU load of the Xbox One.

I wonder if this is also what causes the lack of control when another car is within 200 feet of my car. Sometimes I have limited control when another car is near me. I can have less control even when I am being followed by an Indy car. I don’t know cars with almost no front profile could take the air off of the back of my car when I’m 100 feet in front of it. My steering and my braking is affected enough that I can lose control but not all the time. So strange that this can be intermittent.

P.S. I love Forza Too…

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Have you updated your controller? I know this was a problem way back, fixed it for me with a controller update.

Updated yup.

Let’s keep the discussion focused on controllers please.

Yes, mine is updated.

And for the wheel users, there are at least 3 different threads in the Forza 6 section of the forums where people are voicing complaints about the wheel acting up. Check those out.