The skin/livery inventory cap

I’m often disappointed with the fact that the total maximum amount of skins in the library is 500, while you can have about 700-800 cars in the garage. ( A year ago, there was a similar post, asking to have an increased skin/livery inventory, yet this never came. Back then, we had about 500-600 cars. Now it’s one hundred more cars, yet the skin inventory was never upgraded. It’s not equally balanced, like all things should be. ) It would be nice to have more space for liveries, as even a simple recolour of a car is counted as one space in the skin library. Personally, I like to customise all the cars I own, including a paint job to make it look better. Shame that I have to keep many cars look like standard wheelspin rewards. A simple increase to 800 would be lovely. If you’re a painter/designer, you know how it is to constantly make room for new ones to publish.
The more cars are added, the less space we have for skins. This will happen faster now we’re nearing 1000 cars, skin limit being half of it. I, and many others are at that problem where we are constantly removing skins just to have space for new ones. We’ve reached maximu, but it’s quite frustrating everytime to decide which skin has to go.
Please devs, if it isn’t too much to ask for, could you upgrade the skin/livery limit by increasing it from 500 to somewhere around 700 or 800? More would be nice since there will be more cars added soon, but we’ll be happy with a small increase for a while. Increasing the skin cap will be an investment worth investing in. As the saying goes: “Clothes maketh the man”, it’s also the same for cars. The livery makes cars better/worse and more appealing to the eye.
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(Post scriptum: You may not see it in my profile, but I have been driving since 2019 instead of 2020. It thinks it’s 2020 because I had to install Forza Horizon 4 on my new laptop. The older laptop was a bit broken.)

The forum says driving since the current year for everyone, it’s currently broken.

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I have a Harley Quinn vinyl on several cars, what they could do is allow you to store a vinyls that go in the Paint car section, so that when you paint a car you can add up to say 10 custom vinyls. Then that could be stored as a paint job, and not in the vinyl section. In programming terms it would mean just storing a single number for the vinyl, and that is automatically applied to the car hood with x/y/z stored as well. You therefore store just 4 numbers, and it hardly uses any space up on a Hard Drive.

That’s how you could have all the cars with vinyls, and also the repeated ones that you have now could just be put in the paint shop as vinyls. Currently what they do is if you repeat the same vinyl on a car it is stored as two vinyls I think.

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