The simple reason why people are anti social on this game

Is because everyone is invisible to each other. It really takes the fun out of the online when everyone else is just a ghost in an empty world. Can we have an option to join a lobby where collisions are on?


This isn’t the first time something like this has been posted. So, I guess the logic is that, somehow, COLLISIONS = SOCIAL.

So, let me talk this through…

Currently, you’re driving down the road and see another player, and that player miraculously turns into a ghost as they drive past. How anti-social.

Your new solution… You’re driving down the road and you see another player and swerve into him to slam him into a wall. This, on the other hand, is considered “being social”.

Sounds legit.


Of course you won’t be ghosted if you play with friends, why not do that? Don’t they want to?


People aren’t anti-social, they’re busy playing the game. 95% of the time I’m playing, I’m driving to my next event, or trying out a new car, or looking for a bonus board etc. The automatic ghosting plays no part in it whatsoever, but I’m incredibly happy that it’s in there and it’s a feature PG should be applauded for.


I think people are anti-social on the game because people are anti-social, not because you can’t just crash into people. I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard a single person say a single word into a microphone the entire time I’ve played the game, and I’ve played a lot. The closest I came to hearing something was when somebody coughed into a mic in a Team Adventure. I’m part of that problem, too, because my mic broke a while back and I haven’t been in any rush to replace it since it almost never gets used. It seems like this has been a trend for years now. Unless you were drifting in a common drift area, FH3’s freeroam felt a whole lot like this one even though you could crash into people in FH3 and the freeroams weren’t also full of people playing solo. There was a lot of people doing their own thing.

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Someone ripped one really loudly into their mic when I was playing last weekend.

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Turning on collisions would force most people into solo play.

Those left behind would be the ones who enjoy running into everyone and everything. Eventually they would get bored knowing they aren’t ruining anyone’s racing/driving.

If you want people to run into you, just do a multiplayer event. :slight_smile:


LOL so you want to be driving down the road only to have someone hurl their giant truck or suv into the side of you at 200+ mph

I don’t like multiplayer in general. I just stay in Horizon life so that there are no stupid drivatars crashing into me.


Other players cars should be left as ghosts but appear as normal. I like not having to worry about being hit by some tool but I also want to see designs on cars and you can only do that when cars are stopped.


yeah this is what I mean I wasn’t trying to say someone smashing your truck into you at 200mph is social.


Here’s a radical idea, devs: instead of the immersion killing ghosting, just have collision off.

There, that was easy.

Why does everyone seem to think if nobody was ghosted we would spend all our time being hit?

That’s not what happens in Horizon 3 and it’s not what happens in Horizon 2 so why would it be any different if ghosting was turned off when not doing something specific like a drift zone?

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for not being social while online. For me it’s simple. If you aren’t on my friends list than I have no reason to talk to you. I just go about my business in Horizon life doing different events. Now that may seem close minded to some but if you’ve ever played any 1st person shooter online than you know how awful people can be on the mic. I choose not to even take the chance of hearing someone being a rotten loud idiot. I stay in party chat always. I can’t hear them and they can’t hear me.

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I’m anti-social because since having my stroke it’s hard to race. I crash into the Drivatars, hit walls, trees, and anything in range. My right side is twitchy and so my driving is too.
There are people who, for whatever reason have similar situations to mine. Disability, illness, what have you. So some people are doing it for the sake of others.
Then there are some people who shouldn’t go online but do. I had someone the other day driving all around me for 30 minutes obscuring my view and generally trying to ruin my game. So there’s that side of it. He was ghosted and still making a nuisance of himself. So count your blessings!

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Was it at the Festival Site? And, was he driving a 1968 Abarth 595 painted in Lamborghini Yellow with Fast & Furious written on the side?

I don’t know what you’re talking about… (and it was no more than 15 minutes!)


Ok maybe 23 mins!

I’ll try to refrain from being so “social”… :slight_smile:

Good luck out there!

I’m a social person, yet HATE the way socialization is handled in most video games. Clubs was a step in the right direction, however, the problem is finding someone with similar skills who want to work together on the same events is the problem. It’s totally random who I get stuck with. My online friends may not play the same game or the same time as me.

So for example, I’d like to finish the co-op events on Storm Island in Horizon 3. I can log on regularly and attempt to find others or I could post something here, hope for a response, then maybe arrange a time. What I want is to have an alert mechanism like a want ad in the game. I should be able to post the event I’d like to play like a want ad. Then if another player sees it, they could decide if they want to help complete the co-op events.

We as players have do not have enough control to manage what we’d like to do co-operatively in the game and the matching algorithms aren’t good enough to match styles and abilities.

There is NO technical reason why this can’t be done. I should be able to list achievements or events I want to complete and their computers should then be able to find matches for other players currently online who want to complete the same events by racing together or against each other.

As I’ve said to many here, I’ve worked in the gaming industry and as a professional software developer for decades. What I’m asking for is easy to do even for millions of active players.

If I’m honest, the only time I feel the need to talk with anyone is to apologize for causing a collision, cutting someone off accidentally, etc. I really don’t play video games with the primary goal of talking with people.

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