The Route

For the events of the festival, is better than the route has not shortcuts because if it does, the route would be a street race without rules.

Some events are cross country so you will be able to set your own route. In terms of going off route in event races, they probably allow you a small amount of latitude there but at the cost of a speed penalty.


Are you asking for the end of certain events that should take several minutes but shortcuts allow gamer to post a time of only a few seconds?

Sounds like it to me, heh.

Then again, I never took the Horizon leaderboards seriously - though I know there are many who do.

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Yeah, there were glitches in the initial release that allowed freakishly inaccurate times to be posted. Allowing someone to post a 2.6 second time on a point-to-point event with a 4 mile course. I never took the global boards seriously at all. My goal was to beat my friends. Hopefully , this kind of exploit won’t exist in FH2.

Taking what we know from FH, the Horizon-“sanctioned” events will probably have defined routes with barricades defining the course not allowing for shortcuts.

Street races and impromptu races with other drivers will probably not have limitations on where you can and cannot drive.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same thing as in FH.

The defined routes within FH1 also had checkpoints which you had to hit in order to make your run legit. If you make a huge shortcut, cutting across the golf course for example to miss a turn, you would have to go back and hit it, or rewind/restart the race. This prevents major cutting of the route.