The Reliant seems much more stable

I mean, it’s still not great but it’s far less prone to rolling.

The training wheels bodykit that raises the PI way too much is still a trap, however. It always made the handling worse, but now it not only induces the catastrophic understeer but when it hits dirt it can cause the car to flip.

Yeah, all cars are “strange” the same. Suspension travel is very small and cars don’t “swing”. I still have a problem with it.

I feel like a dev pre-tuned all of the tunable upgrades to make it as stable as possible. Have you tried it stock though? Also keep in mind that the whole Top Gear thing was a joke. The car wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be. They had to put weights in the car to reduce stability, plus Jeremy drove very aggressively. Damn funny bit though.

That being said, even with all the upgrades, I had a tough time keeping the car upright on Bolo Ocho. D500 is what I built to.

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I was comparing it to previous appearances in the series rather than Top Gear.

And I was driving it around near the top of A class, doing a surprising amount of e-drifting without losing it. Made an all Reliant race on my Stadium-based custom route and was amused… if for no other reason than the drivatar scaling broke and it was my A class against a bunch of D100s. I should try it at the D500 you suggested.

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The wagons are more stable too, and turn better. In fact you can race cars with the wagons quite well.

The Isetta drives a lot better as well - even as RWD. It’s way less prone to rolling over the rear. Any kind of curb will still kill it though. Requires very clear and smooth lines around city tracks like Cathedral.

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I still don’t like. Does it feel real to anybody? I just imagine every car in this game is completely different and it works then. It’s a good physics but for different kind of cars.

I don’t have experience with a real Reliant to compare it to. Nor do I expect Horizon to feel quite “real” in any case. It’s been many years since I was in a Gremlin, however, and the one in-game felt proper enough stock to give me the Nostalgia Feels.

Horizon was always very real but new suspension is strange. It works much better offroad for sure but tarmac feels a bit off. Maybe I used to too much to old system.

I noticed it and the isetta where much more stable, where the Ariel Nomad still needs tuned to be stable.

Another thing I noticed is the reliant stabilization upgrade clips straight through the ground like it doesn’t exist.