The Realism of Rain Puddles in Forza 6

It looks pretty cool in concept, being able to hydroplane your car if you’re not careful, but wouldn’t most race tracks in real life have some sort of drainage system to drain most of the standing water? Are the puddles in Forza 6 perhaps more of a cool gimmick rather than grounded in reality?

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Gimmick if you ask me. And your right if there was that much standing water the track would be shut down. Still fun though. Can’t wait to do some multiplayer races in the rain. Should really level the playing field.

drainage system lol

Yup, a gimmick.

Wet racing is cool

But a downpour with standing water on the track?..over the top.

Which is a bummer, because proper wet racing would have been neat. But these puddles (especially in the same spot all the time).
Replay value 1/10 - I’ll be racing dry whenever possible.

Yeah I have to agree for the most part. Wet racing is cool and in a way they nailed what they did. By that I mean it looks fantastic and driving through the puddles feels pretty close to reality. But in reality if a track had that much standing water on it there would be a red flag out in any race series.
To address your puddles in the same spot problem haven’t you ever noticed that water on hard surfaces tend to collect in the same spot every time? Even in grad when it gets over watered, the puddles still build in the same place in a similar manner.

Yes, most tracks would have some sort of drainage to get rid of excess water but if it was like that in the game, that would make the weather dynamic in a way. The puddles stay exactly the same size despite having cars driving through them and despite the rain.

you should go ahead and make a better game then :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree tho, rain tracks are somewhat of a gimmick, but they’re fun nonetheless, even if the puddles stay the same size, maybe even remain at the same spots (haven’t played enough to figure that one out yet), the rain tracks provide a totally different, more slippery and risky experience, in that, I believe it is, nonetheless, a very good addition to the game.

could they have done a better job? most likely yes.
but we get new forza games at a steady pace for years now, and I’d rather get a new game with little improvements (even tho I believe rain racing have been a huge add on, gameplay wise), than wait 6 or 7 years for a game that will end up being disappointing anyway.

I still believe Forza 6 is the much better racing game around, and rain/night racing were definitely missing from the other opuses. I have no doubt, later down’t the road, in forza 7 or whatever, we’ll get dynamic weather. for now, I’m glad I can race the nurburgring in the rain or at night.

I think complaining about the amount of water and realism here is a bit pointless really. You’re better off with Project Cars if you want a more realistic rain experience. Even so, the rain and puddles in this is fantastic.

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It’s a bit overdone, of you ask me. It’s cool in the beginning, but it becomes a bit more of a nuisance later on and isn’t completely in tune with T10 going on about only tracks that offer it in real life having night and rain conditions. These tracks would never allow racing under these conditions anyway.

I would have preferred rain race without the puddles, they’re more of a gimmick. Would be cool to get the option at some point to switch them off. Yeah, I know, lots of work. But it would be great to have a rainy race without these puddles.

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I’m not complaining, I’m debating. I enjoy Project Cars but I also enjoy Forza for the car collecting and amount of different cars.

Turn 10 have said they mapped out where the water gathers on these tracks to make sure it’s authentic. Being a BTCC fan I’ve seen plenty of wet racing exactly like this numerous times. Yes puddles form in the same places. Some tracks have very low areas were the water pools and doesn’t drain off quickly enough. If it gets too dangerous the race is suspended, but only when it’s causes multiple accidents usually. But yes, it’s realistic to have puddles in the exact same place every time because those are the areas where water pools due to gravity, drainage, surface tension etc.


An important thing that has gone unmentioned, but must be saluted:

The reduced grip and puddles affect the players AND THE DRIVATARS. Take THAT, P.Cars (and just about any other driving game with weather)!

This is the only reason I don’t completely hate wet weather.

Other than that, the puddles are just a gimmick. I don’t think many racing series that are worth anything will run the wet conditions. It will just cause too many tears and as said, when tears happeni n real life because of standing water then the race is normally suspended.

The tracks otherwise are easy, sometimes being a bit prudent in places and then sometimes taking perhaps too many liberties (and getting away with it).

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it’s a matter of perspective

you see it that way, I see it as almost extra tracks, with new lines to learn, reduced grip. There will be specific tunes for wet, dry and possibly night. if you fully play the game (tune/upgrade your cars yourself, research, trials & error etc…) wet tracks are a huge content addition.

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The rain is fantastically done. Whether or not you like it is obviously up to you though.

As has been stated above, Turn 10 mapped where the puddles appear on those tracks. So yes the tracks have drainage but low points still fill with water. Plenty of races are carried out like this until accidents happen. Lol.

For me personally if it’s a choice I’ll take this approach over dynamic all day long as it feels closer to reality for me. Both together would be awesome though. Seeing the water pool up and drain away would be cool and involve a lot of strategy.

Wet weather certainly adds a challenge to the races. It took a couple of tries before I was able to beat the Brands Hatch Touring Car showcase on Expert difficulty, but felt great when I got the hang of the cars limits.