The Real Horizon Festival

Dear Forza, Playground Games, and anyone else who may be reading this,
I am here to ask you/help you make one thing real: the Horizon Festival. You are also probably thinking ‘What would this “Horizon Festival” be like? Obviously you cannot rampage traffic at 200 MPH!’. It would not have all the similarities that the in-game festival has, but it would run like this. It would be like Horizon 1, in which there are wristbands and you race to earn them (not road trips like in Horizon 2), and drivers slowly get cut out, and I am thinking this would be a 4 day festival.
There would be music playing through the day with the bigger stars playing at night (so they do not miss the racing), and have professional race car drivers, the Fast and Furious crew (because you all did do a whole game with them it would make sense to include them somehow), the YouTubers from Forza Fuel, and the “Forza Youtubers”, and have them do panels, Q&A’s and more. Also, there would want to be LOTS of promotion. There could be Youtubers from all sides of the community come to the festival and promote H3 + the Festival (e.i. Lauren Elizabeth and JennXPenn (the teen side), Bethany Mota and Tyler Oakley (the beauty and adult side), etc.), YouTube companies like Buzzfeed, big companies like Billboard (for the Music side) that would promote the festival like crazy and more! There is a lot more detail that I could go into, but I really think you guys should consider making this real! And for all of the Forum readers, what do you guys think about this? Reply below, and lets get this thread started- let’s have a really cool conversation about this whole thing!

You can rampage traffic at 200 mph on The Autobahn in Germany lol.

The current festival is good as is and needs simply to be expanded to more cities, updated physics engine to include hydroplaning, puddles when it rains, and SPLASHES everywhere and farm animals, et al. I can’t wait to see what PG has in store for the summer of 2016.

I can almost guarantee you there won’t be farm animals strolling down the side of the highway in Horizon 3.


Isnt The Gumball 3000 coming very close to this idea?

Kind of but not the same thing- not a real HORIZON festival.