The race carries on until I do full distance, regardless of whether I am lapped or not

I did Road Atlanta 100 today, and made a mistake on 35th lap, and seriously damaged the car. Long story short, I came out of the pits 2+ laps down and carried on. The leader finished the race when I was on lap 38, but the race didn’t stop then. The AIs kept racing until I finished full 40 laps. I checked the results and no other car was 2 laps down.

All races in FM6 finish when the player crosses the line - whether in first, last or somewhere in between.

crosses the line on the last lap

Whoops - left that bit out. Thanks uber.

So that’s intended ?? I have to say, T10 devs don’t cease to amaze in their ingenuity …

Yes, intended. The game doesn’t “wave the chequered flag” for all cars when the leader crosses the line.