The problem with SO many cars not being in the autoshow

Does this bug anyone else?

I actually like to put some thought into what base color I choose when I buy a car from the autoshow. Sure, I might add a livery later… but maybe I won’t. No matter what, I like to be able to choose my base color… especially when the car is offered in some pretty cool (manufacturer) colors.

But so many cars come from other sources. Accolade rewards. Seasonal rewards. Wheelspins. And you are stuck with whatever color is given.

And I’m assuming that, like FH4 (and FH3? not sure how far back now?), choosing a new base color takes up an entire livery spot. Since I like to download liveries, I can’t spare the space to spend a livery spot on JUST a body color change. So I remain stuck with whatever color I’m given.

Why can’t it be changed so that we are offered access to the color select menu when we get a new car through seasonals, accolades, and wheelspins?


Why can’t?

Basically your request falls under a category called quality of life improvements, or QoL for short. Unfortunately no one has done a presentation explaining what QoL is or it’s benefits. Hence why we haven’t seen any QoL improvements to date and most likely never will.

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Sooo… same reason we still can’t filter our downloaded liveries down to just the car we are currently using, or sort our livery library by car make/model or by creator. Or even get a pop up notice to let us know we’ve already downloaded a livery before to prevent us from accidentally storing duplicates.


Why do OEM colors take up a livery spot anyways? I’ve always found that weird.



It wasn’t always like this. Some of the older Forza games (not sure if it was in the Motorsports series only, or early Horizons also) considered base color as a separate thing from a livery.

It doesn’t make sense for base color to take an entire livery slot. Base color is just a tiny bit of data, unlike the data for hundreds and hundreds of layers needed for a complex livery.


Have you run out of livery slots then?

In FH4, yes.

I haven’t got all the cars yet in FH5, and I’m sure there are plenty of updates to come, so I fully expect I’ll max out my slots in FH5 too.

How many slots were in FH4 and how many in FH5 if anyone knows?

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500 in FH4. Less than the garage limit and less than the total amount of different cars


Always bugged me.

In GTS it’s the same, but in GTS you can get 99.9% of the cars at the dealer and there’s three times as many livery slots as there’s cars.

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If all cars are in autoshow, this game would be dead in few seconds. Literally that is the thing which is keeping the game alive on oxygen support because players return to game every week to complete Festival Playlist activities. GAAS (games as a service) and Festival Playlist both keep player engagement at a level, the Microsoft bosses want it to be.


That’s an interesting thought. Back in the day, I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on the early Gran Turismos. Gradually earning money as I raced, slowly buying and upgrading new cars, gradually accessing and completing more and more race events. Seemed to work fine.

Maybe the problem with FH is the way cars and money are handed out like candy.

Also, it sucks that we’re now at a place where companies want to get us on the hook to play the same game for years as they slowly drip updates. I miss the days where I could play a game a few months, consider it complete, and then move on to the next.


The idea of making a game have longevity on it’s own merits is gone.

Late in FH4’s life around mid-late 2020 I went back to FH2 to 100% it and online still had plenty of people playing.

This isn’t a dig at PG or FH4 + FH5 but I will always believe any dev that resorts to GAAS either lacks the ability or simply can’t be bothered to attempt the first sentence, it’s a win-win for them as it also can be used as an excuse for any sloppiness or mistakes in the early days of the game’s life.


I 100% agree with this, is a manipulative but effective way to get players to keep playing and drive their stats up. As others have suggested I agree that some, if not all, of these ‘exclusive’ cars should be added to the autoshow after some time - more prestigious/sought after ones (that more players have attempted to unlock) require more time to be added, while those that aren’t so popular are added shortly after - a couple seasons at most.

This makes no sense… how would it be dead in few seconds? U need money to buy these cars and without wheelspins/playlist its more “grindy” with the amount of money u get from racing.
Other thing is noone starts new game collects all the cars and stops playing

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The game is about collecting cars mainly, and I stopped playing when I got all the cars in FH4.

Yeah my fault. It is described as racing game everywhere so was thinking u use the cars after u own them.


Yeah you were wrong, and I know you were wrong because I make vinyls, and I know which vinyls are being used. My wagons for example hardly ever get used by anyone.

Ah, ok didn’t know your design download count is some proper measurement to define how the game is played.
Was thinking some ppl like cars of type x and some ppl don’t. Or it’s my fault and i’m using my mc laren’s too often… or my fault because i like my cars in manufacturer/own colors so i don’t download designs… (except the mb x-class design)


Max’s spreadsheet shows last car was added 07/01/2021 so seems games “concept” works on you and you’ve played 4 over whole lifecycle and now you’ve switched to 5 ;D


In FH3 and FH4 I pretty much stopped playing once I had all the cars, but that’s more a result of the way the game is designed such that you’ll exhaust the rest of the game content (unless you’re big into MP/rivals/etc) long before you’ll get all the cars.

It definitely is a grind to unlock all of them, and the game is absolutely designed to abuse this car collecting mentality to artificially extend the life of the game with the new exclusive cars being added regularly. Unfortunately it works pretty well, although it looks like they may have gone too far in FH5 and a lot of people are just giving up since it’s too much of a hassle.

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