The prize spinner not delivering the prize I was given

I was recently playing Forza motorsport six and wild and free play I leveled up and got to spin the prize wheel, The prize wheel landed on the McLaren P1 with 785,000 in game credits I got the McLaren P1 which I didn’t need since I already had one but I did not get the 785,000 Credits and I was wondering if anybody could help me on how to claim the prize. Thank you for anybody that can help

You get the McLaren that is worth 785,000 credits - you don’t get both.

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Usually you wouldnt have got the car if you already had it
You would have got the credits only if you did already have the car

You dont get both

well… -_-

perhaps it was a newly appeared bug…?
(this stuff used to work properly, at least for months ago)

He said he didnt get the credits

You dont get the credits if you get the car

Maybe he could sell the car and get the credits

he said he already had a p1 so he would get credits

He said he already had a p1 and received another one that he didnt want
So if he sells the one he didnt want he will have the credits that he desperately wants

Yeh ok if he had a P1 he shouldnt have been gifted another but the game somehow glitched and he received it
Sell it and get the credits…problem solved

I want an option to turn the prize spin off!

You already have it - just don’t redeem the spins.


So you never have tried Rivals? After the race there is no option to not use it and i won’t for sure not always close the game just to avoid that.

Have done plenty of rivals but obviously have forgotten this aspect (not playing much lately). Just sell the cars and no harm done.