The pink pig

Was that available as a reward or on wheelspins as I could have swore I had 1 already but checked my garage last night I didn’t have one just curious its possible that something might have happened with the new series 14 update coming

If you completed the Spring Trial Event “The Pink Pig” and it’s turned gold on Festival Playlist, then you would have received the #23 Porsche 917 as a reward

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Is it also available on wheelspins tho RetroKrystal

It should be, but again, it’s also in the auto show.

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It is also purchasable in the Auto Show I believe.

I had one prior to the event, and actually used it in one of my attempts to get the second one. I failed with that car, but did get the second pink pig by using a different car.

There were 2 other racers using a pink pig as well…

I have a spare one I can sell you, at mates rates, won’t be top credit amount but close to it!!! :slight_smile:

It’s capped to something low now in the AH, something like $1.2M, I just deleted my spare, it is one ugly car.