The Ongoing Non Photoshopped Photoshopped Photo Competition (maybe with prizes, sometimes ?)

Ill pin and and keep this thread going for as long as it has traction.

Will try and get prizes from time to time for photos that stand out. In the mean time lets see your best photos that are made to look photoshopped, without actually being photoshopped. (things like hidden watermarks, cartoon styles, filters, aged etc)

Examples -

Post your sharecode, GT which system the photo is from, your gallery link and your photo. No cropping, No adding watermarks, no editing at all allowed *photo must be shared in game for a bit until its confirmed as unedited.

Ill pick a few from time to time to feature at the start of the thread…but maybe we’ll be able to get some featured in game too

No limit to the amount of photos you can post (within reason) as long as they follow the rules and you can enter as often as you like.

Instructions on how to upload, save and post can be found here - How to: Upload photos via Flickr - Forzatography - Forza Motorsport Forums

Lets see those skills.

No chatting

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First prizes to be featured as examples in first post, maybe more ?

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Ill start

GT- WIndsweptDragon
Sharecode -
System - XB1X
Gallery link -

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GT- Exit0rbit
System- PC
183 900 100

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Very nice, also confirmed its in game.

GT: Rotarski
Sharecode: 140 213 380
System: PC
Gallery link:

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nice work and confirmed its in game thanks

Beautiful day for a cruse

Looks good and Ive seen it, not really sure how it fits the looking like it was photoshopped criteria, but dont want to be too strict on that anyway however I am going to have to insist its posted in the format requested to be considered.

If you need help posting photos you can find a guide stickied at the top of the forum, if you need help just PM me. thanks