The new update sucks

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They made a 20 minute process to unlock a car and turned it into a 2 freaking hour tedious process. Come on playground games, your better than this. Anybody who agrees please leave a comment

Regardless of frustration, the language is uncalled for. But if you would like to discuss it civil, there is this ongoing topic on the subject. You can read many other opinions and proposals for solutions

Bro ive been here longer than you?!?

Still does not justify the language and I am a tier 13 @ 24,346 so I have been here awhile too!

I agree with you, just not the language.

He’s been here since August of 2018, I’m nor sure you have seniority​:wink::rofl:

Gee let me see here…about 95% of the people here have 1050 as thier score and started in 2019… Must have been a quite a surge of players that day!

The reward score has been bugged for a LONG time now…kind of hard to get 24,346 in 7 months, especially since several of the first games are no longer playable…still think 2018 out ranks me?

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I guess my sarcasm completely alluded you. Carry on.


Seems ok to me. I could do without the ranked adventure disconnects after multiple races though.

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Please use existing threads for discussion and refrain from profane or vulgar phrasing.