The new sim steering is absolutely amazing

I’ve had as much fun today alone as every other day spent with any Forza game, combined. The rapport between thumb and car is on a new level. I believe closing the shortcomings and opening the possibilities of pad steering will do the same for every other aspect of the game, including better welcoming all players to play with, understand, and appreciate the physics that give life to the game.

P.S. Drifting/high hp RWDs/cross country/jumps can still be touchy. That said, if sim steer doesn’t change again for the life of Horizon 4 I won’t be disappointed.

No its terrible

Its soo good, I use a G920 with H shifter.
All the assist off and 900 degrees, I love the physics of this game.

Did I miss something? Or did they change Force feedback for Horizon 4 not just Forza 7?

I tried it out earlier for the Hot Hatch championship on dirt. I used a stock Clio RS 200 and it felt pretty much the same as normal steering, I had to compensate a little more when getting nudged but it felt mostly the same in that championship. Maybe I need to try it with faster cars, but from my experience, it didn’t feel any more inductive to the road. It just slowed me down more when regaining grip after a nudge.

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Sim steering, AFAIK on pad only, is dramatically different since the FI patch and I like it. Now there’s a new problem, it seems the tires on one side of the car are both visually and physically backwards, and even through someone reversed the sign of the speed indicator for that side (telemetry still says positive speed traveling forwards), something in the physics model/tire data does not work the same way rolling backwards as forwards. I might not have noticed if it weren’t for the new steering, which works with both the tire’s aligning moment and the suspensions aligning moment, since the new FFB implemented it too they updated pad steering as well. 14 years overdue IMO. But anyway. The old steering simply adjustef for left and right corners, checking the tire’s capabilities. The new steering “senses” the weight of the car and after developing a connection with it it’s obvious, the weight doesn’t seem to fall onto the right side tires, they don’t grip as well.