The new look!

Now I only need a release date for my Xbox One… And I’ll know when I can start adding new content :wink:


Sorry to hear the xbox has not been released in your area yet. I hope that it gets released soon bud.

still nothing huh? bummer for sure

I look forward to seeing your work SnakeEyes…:wink:

hey bud…

just sucks freight was soooooooooooooo expensive and i couldn’t send you an aussie xbone!

catchya soon :slight_smile:

Would that work? Like a Us box Aussie box? No difference in the box itself? Just where they sell it? Cuz if thats the case Snake let me look into it. We can figure something out if its just a matter of sending you one

I looked into sending him one from here… It was gonna cost like $300 to freight it to him because of the weight and size ( and the fact he’s on the other side of the world! Lol ) just wasn’t worth it in the end.

Maybe it’d be cheaper from stateside, it couldn’t be more expensive anyways…


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LL Cool J? lol

That’s really thoughtfull of you guys, I didn’t realise they hadn’t yet been released in certain parts of the world

Can’t you get it through Amazon or something? Ask tomninnin about it.

yeah do that…and if that dont work let me know. $300 is a lot on top of the box itself but to be fair it is your money… but if its as easy as set up a paypal account …ill help in whatever way i can. guess its just a matter of how much is it worth to ya?
even if i dont want to…i agree with shane…but doing the old LL Rock the Bells Cool J would be bad ass

Hang in there Snake was talking to a buddy at MS and he said they were trying to get it sorted out thinks it will be out by spring in the Netherlands.

Thanks guys!!! really appriciate what you’ld be willing to to for me… I could ‘just’ go to Germany and pick one up… but having pre ordered mid last year i should be getting at least 2 games with the system… and i can still keep myself busy with xbox360 games :slight_smile: so i’ll just wait it out… my guess is that it’ll be released in march/april :slight_smile:


oh no m8… they pushed it to 3e q of this year …

Not to worrie… I should have mine this weekend [:D] cancelled my preorder and ordered it at a online shop that had them in stock [:D]


Sweet!! Glad you decided to stick with getting one. Still thinking about a PS4 later on? Looks like that’s the console to have for Destiny. glad you already got forza5 & painting.welcome to forza5!